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Buy a Bicycle for a Native, National or Indigenous Missionary in Asia or Africa

Gospel for Asia and other ministries have a program where you can buy a bicycle for a native, national or indigenous missionary in Asia. These bicycles will allow the missionary to visit more villages than by going on foot.
It also makes it easier for the missionary to carry tracts, Bibles, New Testaments and equipment to help share the gospel. Many children, instead of buying a bicycle for themselves, have helped save money for missionaries to have a bicycle. It is a good church project. More information is at this web site.
Other missionary organizations also raise support for missionaries to have bicycles. Below are some other organizations.

Christian Aid Mission

Please go to the home page of Christian Aid Mission and click on Ways to Give It should take you here A Bicycle for a Missionary
Native missionaries have dedicated their lives to bring the gospel to people who have never heard the name of Christ. Often, these villages are many miles apart. For the native missionary on foot, reaching these villages may take several days. A bicycle, can significantly shorten travel time and enable these workers to spend more time sharing the gospel. Costs vary from $50 each in India up to $100 in Africa and elsewhere.
Giving a native missionary a bicycle can expand his area of mission activity by 25-fold.

Samaritans Purse

Go to then click ways to help on the home page then click Gift catalog then click Six Gifts that Spread the Good News of Jesus Christ then click Gift #30 which is called Bikes & Vehicles for the Mission Field
When itinerant evangelists trek for hours over rugged trails to bring the Gospel to remote communities that they couldn’t reach without bicycles provided by Samaritan’s Purse. For a gift of $100, we can supply a bike or meet other transportation needs, so the Good News of Jesus Christ can be proclaimed to the ends of the earth. Evangelists on bicycles are winning souls to the Lord in remote parts of Africa and Asia that have never before heard the gospel.

Gospel For India
Help a native missionary with a Gospel Bike
Bicycles are not toys in India, it is work horse for evangelism and church planting. Many of our missionaries travel 15 to 20 miles daily to share the gospel with villagers. A bicycle will allow them to get to their destination quicker. Since they are struggling for their basic needs of their ministry and family, they are not able to buy one without your help. You can provide a bicycle for a native missionary with one-time help of $90. My friends it will be a great privilege for you to support a missionary with a bike. They will take the gospel message to the thousands of most unreached people on behalf of you.

Advancing Native Missions
Go to the How to Help link on the home page.

Gospel Support International click on Programs on the home page Some examples are: bicycles are needed by missionaries to travel to remote villages where buses and other transportation cannot go

North India Christian Ministries click on Ministries on the home page

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