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Baptist Press
Now, the blind can read and sing using a Braille hymnal. Yes, Baptist Press has an article on the new Braille and large-print editions of the Baptist Hymnal. Read the article “Braille Baptist hymnal” at the Baptist Press website. The contact information where you can purchase the Braille hymnal is found in their article.

Bartimaeus Alliance of the Blind 
Bartimaeus Alliance of the Blind ministers to the needs of blind and deaf-blind individuals. They have Bible teaching materials, study and reference materials. Their contact information is on their website.

Bible Society of India 
The Bible Society of India offers a great deal of products, whether in print, audio, video, or Braille. Their braille items can be found under the Products section.

Bibles for the Blind
Bibles for the Blind can help a visually handicapped person find a Bible in Braille, as well as link them with other resources they may 

Bibles for the Blind has an excellent links section here
the name of the link is Christian and Secular Resources for the Blind and Materials in Braille

Bibles for the Blind Evangelism Tools
Braille and Large Print Tracts, Tactile Wordless Book Bracelets
Blind Sight Ministries
1919 Oxmoor Road, #306
Birmingham, AL 35209
Telephone: (205) 324-4339
Braille Hymnals are available at $195 per set, plus shipping charges.  Large-print editions in spiral-bound, two-volume sets are $145, plus shipping charges. All are available only through Blind-Sight Ministries. Please contact by mail,  phone or e-mail.

Braille Bibles International
Braille Bibles International provides the King James Version and New King James Version Bibles in Braille. They also have children's storybooks in Braille, a concordance, audio Bibles, Bible dictionary, large print Bibles.

Braille Hymnals
North Shelby Baptist Church
The Braille Baptist Hymnals are now available to churches and individuals, and financial assistance is also available.

Braille Scripture
8" by 10" picture with Bible verses in text and Braille are available for purchase on Braille Scripture website. Visit their website and see their latest Braille Art piece and products. Their products are for both sighted and non-sighted individuals to read and enjoy.

Braille Scriptures Supplied to Thousands (article)
Braille Scriptures Supplied to Thousands is the title of an article. You can only read this article at Digital Magazine of the American Bible Society. To read the content, go to Digital Magazine website.

Braille Superstore, The
The Braille Superstore has tons of Braille books, Bibles, and cool products to choose from. You might find a Braille Bible or product you can give to your family members, friends, and colleagues who are visually impaired.

This blog site contains articles, as well as resources, about the visually impaired group, Braille Bible and many more. Read up-to-date posts here on BrailleWorksBlog.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact


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