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Back to the Bible
In partnership with Trans World Radio, Back to the Bible strives to reach the Chinese people with the message of the Gospel. Now, over 900 million Chinese can access Back to the Bible's systematic teaching of the World. Go and tell your Chinese friends about this website.

Bamboo OMF Kiwi-Asian Resources
Bamboo is the place to come for Bibles and literature in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Khmer and many other languages. You can find books, videos, tapes, etc. And if they don't have, they'll get it for you! Bamboo is a place for connecting people to what they need, whether that be a local church or someone to help translate for them.

Baptist Press
Get the latest news with a Christian perspective at Baptist Press' website. Just type China in the search engine to take you to articles and news about Christ's church in China or anything related to China.

BBN (Bible Broadcasting Network)  
Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN) is an online Christian Radio Station. You can listen to Christian music or radio programs in Chinese or other languages (Mandarin Christian Radio Station Streamed Online, Chinese Traditional Christian Radio Station Streamed Online, Chinese Simplified Christian Radio Station Streamed Online). 

BBN Radio Online Chinese Bible Institute

You can also enroll on courses offered at BBN's Bible Institute or chat with other Chinese. It is in Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified languages. 

Bible League International 
Help change and comfort the hearts of spoiled and lonely children in China by using the Bible League's beautifully illustrated Children's Story Bible. Search the book or put China or Chinese in the search engine.

Bible Light Publishers
Bible Light Publishers produces good fundamental Christian literature. Books by Mr. G. C. Willis, a missionary in Mainland, China, and the late Chinese Pastor Wang Ming Tao, can be availed in this online Christian bookstore. There are also books written by other authors.


Breakthrough Ministries is serving the young people in Hong Kong through media, counselling, youth services, and community living. It produces two monthly magazines, 400 book titles, weekly radio program, 20 television programs per year, and it launched the first Chinese on-line magazine, a, and cyber-festivals for youth. Support or join this ministry and help change the lives of Chinese young people.

Bridges International
Bridges International provides practical assistance to those who are reaching out to Chinese graduate students and scholars. Their website has many materials that can help in proclaiming the Good News. They have materials for answering tough questions related to Christianity, ministry materials, resources about China's culture and communication, articles, and many more.

Brigada is a weekly internet newsletter. It occasionally has information on missions work and resources for China. You may put China or Chinese or Mandarin in the search engine on the home

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