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Caring For China
Caring for China is a non-profit Christian organization. Among the programs it administers are Teachers for China (sends people into China to teach English in colleges, universities, and schools), Caring for China's Children (provides care for orphans in a number of locations in China) and Health for China (delivers various health-related programs within China). Further information on these programs can obtained from their website.

CC Bookstore
Enter into the CC Bookstore, an online bookstore with top seller Christian books in Chinese language. Browse through their catalogue and see what Christian book interests you.

CCM Book room
CCM Book room publishes devotional books, Bible study tools, Sunday school materials, sermon tapes, audio books, CDs, and tracts for evangelism and spiritual growth. Online ordering is available in addition to ordering by phone.

Chick Cartoon Tracts
Reach your unsaved loved ones and friends through cartoon gospel tracts. Chick publications also create cartoon tracts in Chinese and Chinese (Simple) language so our Chinese friends can hear the Good News of salvation. Tracts can be ordered at Chick's website.

China's Millions
A missionary who is preparing for mission trip to China needs to know the country's history, culture and society, people, religion, and issues and events. This website will be very helpful in giving information on these matters.

China Christian Books
China Christian Books is where you can find Christian Classics, Bible Commentaries, Sermons, Christian Stories, and Biographies of great Chinese Christian men and women, as well as foreign missionaries who had been to China. The website is available in English and Chinese languages.

China for Jesus
Articles written by Mainland Chinese believers can be read in China for Jesus website. Words are written and translated by themselves for people who cannot read Chinese. Articles from China for Jesus can be freely shared to everybody with proper attribution to the website.

China Member Care
Several free online materials are now available in Chinese to help support Chinese Christian workers. Collectively, they are called "Running to Win - Resources for Chinese Workers." Each article has a short introduction to orient the readers about its relevance to Chinese contexts. Currently, all materials, except the Chinese audios, are both in Chinese and English languages. 

China Outreach Ministries 
China Outreach Ministries' focus is on "Giving Christ to China's Future Leaders" by showing them the love of Christ in practical ways, by leading them to faith in Christ, by discipling, training and mentoring them in Christian faith, and by equipping them to minister creatively to other Chinese people. You can be part of this ministry by joining them or supporting their programs.

China Partner
Serving the Church in China - a partnership between God, the Chinese, and you! To fulfill the Great Commission China Partner holds trainings for Chinese Christian leaders with needed ministry insights and methods, provides Christian literature to Chinese leaders, churches, and ministry training centers, provide information about China's culture and policies, the Chinese Church, and how to partner with God's work there, and builds new training locations and churches with the Chinese through partnership and financial assistance. Join and support this ministry now!

China Sojourn the Children of China by Daniel Henrich
A new 40-page book has been published by media consultant Dan Henrich. Henrich writes: "This first volume represents a small number of children in China. Think of each as representing people groups who have few Christians - unreached with the Good News. I would like to challenge you to simply pray through this book of images." The book can be previewed and ordered via the link provided.

China Soul for Christ Foundation
This is the official Chinese website of China Soul for Christ Foundation, an organization that produces books and short Christian films and documentaries. Visit this website, and watch films like Canaan Hymns, The Bitter Cup, The Cross - Jesus in China, or read books like Jesus in Beijing and many more. Films made by China Soul for Christ Foundation will surely touch your hearts and inspire you to bring the gospel to China.

Chinese Audio Bible
Listen to God's Word and Bible lessons in China Audio Bible for free. You may also order a free CD-ROM in this website; just send them a request thru e-mail. You can find their e-mail address in their website.

Chinese Baptist Press
Chinese Baptist Press is an evangelical Christian Publishing house located at Hong Kong. They print and published Christian books written in Chinese language. You may visit their website to search for Christian books, or you may contact their bookstore.

Chinese Christian Children's Bible;
In China, they have over 500 million children. To reach out to China's children, Johnny Li and Open Doors' Brother Andrew created a Children's Bible that is effectively introducing Christ to young people, the Chinese Christian Children's Bible. It's a beautiful children's Bible with about 150 stories. Up to now, Open Doors brought more than 1 million children of these children's Bibles to China. 

Chinese Christian Internet Mission
Chinese Christian Internet Mission (CCIM) is a Chinese website where you can view or download Bible Study materials, online Chinese-English Bible, and Christian journals. If you are Chinese or can read and understand the language, you can also join in faith discussions. You can also browse through CCIM link section for other Chinese websites.

Chinese Christian Mission
Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) is a non-denominational Chinese faith mission. CCM actively seeks the cooperation of evangelical churches and other agencies to reach the Chinese to reach the world. CCM distributes periodicals and audio-visuals for free. 

Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism
Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) provides individual believers, churches, and the Chinese Church as a whole, with assistance to fulfill the Great Commission. You can be part of this movement by joining or supporting them. You can visit the Prayer Room in their website or the Chinese Around the World, CCCOWE's magazine for updates.

Chinese English Bible & Christian Bookstore
Chinese English Bible & Christian Bookstore offers Chinese Mandarin Bible, Bilingual English Chinese Holy Bible, Christian books, Chinese devotional, Bible study materials, tracts, children's Mandarin Christian Bibles, Jesus & Bible stories, Chinese Christian worship hymns, Stream of Praise CDs, church supplies, Chinese Sunday school books, and Chinese evangelical books about God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Chinese Institute
Do you plan to interface with the Chinese world-whether here, there or anywhere? If so, consider the new intensive courses Chinese Institute designed to help you acquire the language you need to minister in an effective and culturally appropriate manner. Instruction covers the language, culture, and history. The goal is competence, which means fluency and accuracy in the language, sensitivity and servanthood in the culture, and personal responsibility and perseverance in the learning process. Native-speaker professionals trained in modern methodology provide the language instruction.

Chinese Today
Chinese Today, a monthly periodical featuring reflections on life, insight unto current events, problem analysis and searching for truth. 80,000 copies are being circulated per month (North American version, including traditional and simplified Chinese versions). Get your own copy now!

Seekers of the Truth are always welcome in Christian A worldwide evangelism, education and discipleship ministry of Films for Christ (also known as Eden Communications), is a mega-site freely providing biblical answers to contemporary questions. Tell a friend about this site and get their questions answered!

Christian Bookshops in Taiwan

Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association provides addresses and contact number to different bookstores in Taiwan. If you live in Taiwan and are looking for the nearest Christian bookstore, visit this website.

Christian University Global Net (CUGN)
CUGN offers online academic programs in the following tracks: Certificate in Bible, Diploma in Biblical Studies, and a Master of Arts in Religion. Programs are designed for ministry and lay leaders who desire theological training that is more flexible and affordable. CUGN is also developing materials in Chinese.

Church in China
Find information on the latest updates about the Church in China. The mission of Church in China is to support through information resourcing and prayer; through encouragement of individual believers and travelers, and through project partnerships. You can support the mission by becoming partners with them, giving of donation, or buying books at their online bookstore.

Classic Christian Digest (simplified Chinese) (traditional Chinese)
Classic Christian Digest, a magazine of Classic Christian literature, provides best-selling Christian books and collections of the most famous Christian works to Chinese Christians. All their books and magazines can be searched online.

CLC Ministries International - Hong Kong
CLC Ministries International is an interdenominational missionary organization specializing in the distribution of Christian literature in over 50 countries throughout the world. CLC's retail book shop in Hong Kong offers English and Chinese books, Bibles, music CDs, stationery and gifts. Browse through CLC's catalogue for their books and other items.

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