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Free downloadable materials are available in Call2All website. The titles are Keys to Church Planting Movements by Kevin Sutter and Church Planting Movements by David Garrison. Resources are in .pdf file.

Canadian National Baptist Convention
Canadian National Baptist Convention offers Church Planter Training to interested Christians. Visit their website for the schedules of these trainings and where. 

Church Growth and Christian Missions Class Resources
Southern Nazarene University offers a course on Church Planting, Church Growth and Christian Missions Class. This course leans heavily on the foundational work of Donald McGavran, the man many call "the father of the modern Church Growth movement." Visit the website above for the course syllabus and other course resources.

Church Multiplication Guide by George Patterson and Richard Scoggins
The Church Multiplication Guide may be downloaded for free in the website provided. The guide, originally written in English, has now been translated to many non-English languages so many can avail it. Just go to the website and read the instructions. It's FREE!

Church Multiplication Ministries
Church Multiplication Ministries is a ministry of Grace Communion International. Services they offer to help churches in fulfilling the Great Commission through church planting are coaching, training events, and assessment whether you can become a successful church planter or you would need a lot of training to qualify for one. You can also find resources, videos and articles on starting a new church on their website.

The Church Multiplication Training Center
The Church Multiplication Training Center exists to multiply reproducing churches through equipping and empowering planters, pastors, and leaders. This mission is accomplished through boot camps, trainings, and providing consultations to church planters. They also have different training resources that can help you in your church planting ministry.

Church Planter Profiles (CPP)
Are you planning  to engage into Church Planting ministry but haven't discovered your potential as effective Church planter? CPP is here to help you with that. CPP is an online pre-assessment center that allows you to assess your effectiveness as a Church planter. They offer a FREE Initial Screening Assessment as well as a Full Planter Profile (complete assessment process).
Read blogs or avail free stuffs at also offers coaching, to church planters and even young churches that need growing. They also hold conferences anyone can attend; look for the schedules on their website. 

A Church Planter's Paradise
This website offers a "one stop" experience for potential Church Planters to connect with church planting opportunities offered by various organizations across North America, USA, and Canada. If you are looking for any church planting opportunities according to geographical and theological match, you are welcome to visit this site and contact the staff for your request.

Church planting books at IMB Resource Center
There are lots of Church planting books sold at Just type Church planting at the search engine to take you books about church planting.

Church Planting Canada
Church Planting Canada (CPC) trains passionate leaders that are committed to the call to be missional and multiplicative through Coaching. They provide online coaching with certification. CPC also launches summits and conferences on the topic of Church Planting.

Church Planting Coaches
Church Planting Coaches provide resources and field-based training to help church planters become effective in growing and multiplying churches. You can find coaching tools, training courses, multimedia resources, free downloads, and a lot more in their website.

Church Planting Institute
Good News! The Church Planting Institute's Leadership Training manual is now available online for download and it's FREE! There are also lots of free downloadable materials about church planting on their website. 

Church Planting Leadership
This is the Church Planting website of John Worcester, a Church planter from Saddleback Church. He developed a Purpose Driven Church Planting Basic Training curriculum that helps church planters apply the Biblical principles found in the Purpose Drive Church book. He also pioneered the ACTS (Assess, Coach, Train, Support), a comprehensive church planting strategy. John Worcester is available for consultation services. His contact number is found in this website.

Church Planting Novice
Bob Logan shares his thoughts, books, and recommended resources on church planting in his blog site, Church Planting Novice. Bob Logan has written the Church Planters Toolkit, a book that offers lots of practical helps. He also co-wrote another church planting book called Beyond Church Planting.

Church Planting Resources
You can find several Church planting links in the above website. 

Church Planting Solutions
Church Planting Solutions develops software tools for Church planters and related ministries. Three of their available softwares are Converge, Exponential Channel, and Discovering Oneself. Get yourself, your ministry, or your church with these very helpful softwares and see your mission areas grow into a big congregation.

Church Planting Village
Church Planting Village is your one stop shop for Church planting. They provide lots of resources about Church planting, Kingdom building, discipleship, and evangelism. Read articles from this website that will surely increase your knowledge and inspire you more to fulfill the Great Commission.
Read Church Planting tips and sermons by Steve Sjogren, a veteran church starter and coach who helped grew a church to 6,000 in average attendance from 37 people. His website,, is designed to assist pioneers, self-starters, and called people who will regenerate the Church in the coming years by planting new churches.

ChurchSmart Resources
ChurchSmart is an online store that sells different Christian training manuals, kits, books and modules. They have lots of resources about Church Planting in affordable prices.

CMA Resources.Org
CMA (Church Multiplication Associates) facilitates church multiplication movements by focusing resources on reproducing disciples, leaders, ministries, and churches. They have a free library of articles that features church and church planting.
CoachNet offers trainings to different churches, pastors, and ministry leaders to help fulfill the Great Commission. You may also attend free learning webinars. Schedules are posted on their website.

Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations with George Patterson
This is an interactive, electronic novel designed for self-instruction and textbook for mission courses. You can download this material at the website provided.

Church Planting: Laying Foundations by Stuart Murray
Stuart Murray on his book, Church Planting: Laying Foundations, lays some theological foundations for church planting and invites church planters to think seriously about missiology and ecclesiology. This book can be availed at Just key in the title of the book at the search engine.

Church Planting Movements: How God is Redeeming a Lost World by David Garrison
Want to know the 5 Parts of Church Planting Movements? They are the following: The Big Picture, Entry, Gospel, Discipleship, Church Formation, and Leadership. To learn more about these 5 parts, go to the Church Planting Movements' website.  You can avail this amazing book at Church Planting Movements website and, or download it at The Church Planting Movements website also has different church planting resources like free booklets, presentations, audio and video materials, periodicals, and books. Their bookstore is stuffed with all kinds of resources about church planting.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact


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