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The Messenger, The Message, & The Community by Roland Muller
Roland Muller's The Messenger, The Message, & The Community examines three critical issues that the cross-cultural church-planter must face. There are over 300 study questions in the book for thought and discussion. This book is available at Roland Muller's book website.

To Every Tribe
This website updates you with what's going on with To Every Tribe Ministries. They are looking for part-time volunteers to help them fulfill the Great Commission in any areas. The Center for Pioneer Church Planting (CPCP) is a missionary training program that combines intensive in-class preparation and study.  We believe the most effective way to learn how to plant churches is by doing it with experienced church planters.  We do not minimize the importance of classroom learning, but we do believe on-field mentoring coupled with the classroom is what makes our training unique.

Train & Multiply
Church planters who need training on how to become effective in their ministry may visit Train & Multiply website. Train & Multiply uses a set of 63 booklets and Student Activity Guide which are biblical, economical, practical, and field tested. For more information, visit their website.

The Barnabas Factors: Eight Essential Practices of Church Planting Team Members by J.D. Payne
Author and professor J. D. Payne describes how Barnabas should be considered as a model for contemporary church planting team members in his book The Barnabas Factors: Eight Essential Characteristics of Church Planting Team Members. Each chapter addresses a particular "Barnabas Factor," a healthy aspect of Barnabas' life that assisted in Kingdom expansion. You can get more information about this book, or where to purchase it, on the websites provided. 

Training 4 Trainers Online 
New Online Resource for Training Church Planters --
Looking for a new "how to" manual on church planters? Visit David Garrison's new web site. The website describes some of the key methods that some of the Church planters have used. It includes online videos and online teaching material designed to help church planters. 
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