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Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI) 
BIMI Deaf Ministries lend a hand to those who have never heard about Jesus Christ by means of: Foreign Missions, Deaf Ministries in the United States, Bible Institutes, Christian Schools, Child Evangelism, Youth Work, Video Ministry, Camps, Literature, and Foreign Sign Language. BIMI has also established a Bible College in Ringgold, Georgia for the purpose of training deaf students to serve as deaf missionaries, pastors, and Christian leaders throughout the world. Please visit their website for more information about their Deaf Ministry.

Biblical Ministries Worldwide (BMW)
Biblical Ministries Worldwide - a church-planting mission organization that serves independent churches-posts articles and news related to deafness. Type the key word “deaf” in their search engine located at the upper right corner. 

Bible Study Lessons for Deaf
Many Bible study lessons for deaf Christians are available at LifeWay. There are also books and videos for the deaf. Search for deaf items and products using their search engine. Type the word “deaf’ or the title of the book or video you are looking for.

Bible Visuals International 
It’s easier to tell stories to deaf children when the teacher has a visual aid while signing. Here at Bible Visuals International, they sell flashcard books, Bible lessons, stories, and hymns for deaf ministries at a very low and affordable price. There are also lots of downloadable resources for free.

Bible Colleges with a Deaf Ministry
You will find a list of schools and colleges with a deaf ministry at Christian Deaf the World blog site. You can also read other blog posts about deafness and topics related to hearing loss. 

Bill Rice Ranch
The Bill Rice Ranch is a revival ministry centered on the preaching of God’s Word to reach the Deaf. They hold retreats, conferences, and local church revivals. There’s also a Sign Language School for those who are interested to become an interpreter for our deaf Christian brothers and sisters. On their publications link, they sell books regarding sign language and the deaf ministry, hymn books and devotional books for the deaf. 

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