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Captioned Christian Videos 
Captioned resources for the deaf are now available at View their catalog to see what movie you would like to watch. Orders can be made online, or you can call their office phone number. 

CBM International
Join CBM International in their quest to make the world more accessible for people with hearing impairments and other disabilities. CBM International works with partner organizations, helps in making policies for people with disabilities, and responds to emergencies and natural disasters. CBM International encourages experienced deaf with degrees to apply. Projects for the deaf include medical, rehabilitation, and education programs.

If you put the words deaf or signing in the search engine, you will find many books, dvds and some downloads.

Christian Council on Persons with Disability
The Christian Council on Persons with Disability is now known as Lift Disability Network, a community where the disability family is embraced, encouraged, and empowered. They provide a platform and sounding board for you to communicate and interact with other leaders interested in promoting the spiritual well-being of people who have hearing impairments and other physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.

Christian Deaf Ministries
Ministries offered at Christian Deaf Ministries are the following: Church deaf ministry, Bible classes for the deaf, Sign Language classes, financial support for deaf ministries in different countries, community deaf education, free interpreting in churches and many more. 

Christian Mission for the Deaf 
Christian Mission for the Deaf is a non-profit organization that focuses on the Spiritual needs of deaf Africans. They utilize a variety of resources to reach the deaf and one is to train local African Christian workers and leaders. Other techniques used: evangelism, Bible meetings, and camp/youth centers. All efforts are geared to meeting the spiritual, mental, emotional and social needs of the deaf.

Colleges/Schools for the Deaf
In this webpage is a list of schools and colleges for the deaf. Address, phone numbers, and websites (if any) are displayed so you can get the necessary information. Some schools/colleges also display the available course for the deaf student.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact


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