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Good Seed
Good Seed equips believers with tools and is involved in training for evangelism and discipleship. Most of their materials are geared for those who have little-to-no Bible background. The lack of Bible knowledge may due to age, a remote location, or because a dominant religion hinders a clear explanation of the Scriptures.

God Squad
Check out the Campus Ministry’s complete guide to personal discipleship, The Compass. The Compass is about helping new and young believers grow in their walks with God. There are also other teaching and discipleship resources offered by the Campus Ministry. There are articles that teach: Basic Discipleship Concepts, Advanced Discipleship Concepts, and How to Disciple Others.
You can find links to discipleship resources on Resources are either in Spanish or English language.

Georgia Baptist Convention‌parentnavigationid=14462
Many discipleship resources are being offered on this website. Just click “Discipleship Ministries” under Ministries to view what discipleship materials you can get for personal or team use. There are discipleship materials for adults, youths, and children.

Greg Ogden
This site is dedicated to the promotion of the power of triads/quads (a group consisting of three or four members). A triad or quad is the most effective way to create a transparent, reproducing, relational environment for transformation into Christlikeness, which is a result of a combination of several factors. You can also purchase the books of Greg Ogden at and

Discipleship Essentials: A Guide to Building Your Life in Christ
By Greg Ogden
Follow Jesus’ example by gathering in intimate groups of two or three for study and encouragement. This innovative disciple-making workbook features 25 weekly units—each with a core truth in a Q&A format, a memory verse and accompanying study, an inductive Bible study, a theme-related reading, and discussion questions—plus a new study on stewardship.

Growing in Christ
Growing in Christ provides an extensive library of Bible studies for churches, small groups, individuals, Christian businesses, discipling relationships, and ministry organizations to not only help Christians experience God’s abundance, power, and work, but also provide tools to minister in their area of ministry. You can also sign up for a free weekly devotion.

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