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Baptist Union of Great Britain
Baptist Union of Great Britain provides resources and information that you need about mission and evangelism. Click Resources and look for Mission/Evangelism. Browse through the page for tools you need.

Barnabas Missions
Barnabas Missions goals are to win the lost, preach the gospel, and teach others to do the same. They offer in-depth teaching based on scriptural principles and proven methods for effective personal outreach and quality church health. Barnabas Missions help churches with weekend outreach into surrounding communities through the “Be His Witness” workshop, production of evangelism curriculum, literature, and training materials for use in both local and foreign mission fields, recruitment of evangelists and missionaries, and many more.

Basic Evangelism
Basic Evangelism is another witnessing resource written by Michael Fackerell. It talks about how to lead someone to Christ, overcoming fears of sharing our faith to others, practical witnessing guide, and many more. The literature can be used for free.
This website contains hundreds of articles, books, biographies, podcasts, audio messages about any Christian topics including soul winning and evangelism.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
There are lots of evangelistic tools you can find at Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s website. You can buy witnessing materials from their bookstore or access their multimedia section. BGEA also offers evangelism trainings in Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism.

The Brigada website is the home of the free weekly e-mail journal Brigada Today which contains resources, strategy tips, and tools that missionaries and evangelists can use in their ministry.

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