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Campus Crusade for Christ International
Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) brings the Good News to different countries. At present, CCCI is represented in 191 countries. CCCI provides growth to new Christians and trainings to would-be missionaries and evangelists. News, updates about their ministry, and many more can be found in their website.

Canadian National Baptist Convention
CNBC offers an online learning community where you can receive free, on-demand training videos on how to share Christ and start churches across Canada and around the world. They also produce resources like Servant Evangelism and other contemporary Evangelism Books.

CARM (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry)
CARM, which aims to promote and defend the Christian Gospel, doctrine, and theology, offers articles on different Christian topics including evangelism.

Chick Publications
Chick Publications publishes cartoon gospel tracts, books, and articles that are useful for winning souls to God. Their way of evangelizing is through educating the people about the truth in many religions and leading them to believe in God's word and Jesus Christ.

Children's Bible Club and Bookstore
Children's Bible Club and Bookstore is an online store which sells storybooks, tracts, CDs, and other Christian literatures and materials that are useful in winning and leading young boys and girls to Jesus Christ.

Christ Life Ministries
Christ Life Ministries is committed to providing messages, materials, and ministries that will promote revival and evangelism in local churches. Christ Life Ministries also distributes Christian literature (books, pamphlets, tracts, and newsletters) about witnessing.

Christian Answers
Christian Answers is a world-wide evangelism, education and discipleship ministry of Eden Communications. Aside from providing accurate biblical answers on a wide variety of questions asked by Christians and non-Christians, they also provide a great deal of other valuable information and resources that teaches how a believer can effectively share his or her faith.

Christian Internet Ministry
Christian Internet Ministry empowers you to share your faith through the use of the Internet. The ministry offers slideshow lessons about web evangelism that you can download for free.

Christian Witnessing
Christian Witnessing is a Lay Christians Witnessing and evangelism training movement. You can download from their website free resources on how to conduct personal evangelism and how to train others to evangelize. They also give away tracts, witnessing tips, evangelism articles, etc. You can download all resources for free.
If you are looking for films you can use in evangelistic events, you can visit

Church Leader Insights
Church Leader Insights is a Christian organization that provides training and resources for pastors and church leaders. They have free bi-weekly publication sent via e-mail which is also called Church Leader Insights. It focuses on effective leadership, church growth, and church planting evangelism.

Church of the Nazarene
The Church of the Nazarene provides resources, connection, and encouragement to clergy and churches. Their mission is to equip and encourage pastors, evangelists, lay leaders, teachers, etc for evangelism. You can find in their website the following: evangelism links, books, news, media library, and blogs. is a webpage designed to help win souls for Jesus Christ by using the Internet. The website contains links to tracts believers can use in witnessing, sermons, and a free Soul-Winning course authored by Pastor Willie J. Byrd by the Berean Independent Baptist Church. offers evangelism tools and Gospel presentations for Internet evangelism. You can embed presentations by copying and pasting the embed code into the html code of your website or blog. Scroll down and look for Evangelism Tools under Tools & Resources.

CS Lovett Books
Dr. C.S. Lovett writes articles and books about world evangelism, witnessing, and many more. His works can be found on his website, CS Lovett Books. The site also offers tracts, booklets, and miscellaneous items that can be used in soul-winning and evangelism.

Cybermissions.Org promotes and supports evangelism through the use of web pages, e-mail, chat rooms, blogs, and Internet cafes. They also conduct online theological training, missiology, cyber-strategy and effective Internet evangelism.

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