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You can find great evangelism tools such as the eCube classic, eCube grip, and eBand in e3resources where evangelism is made simple.

Eden Communications
Eden Communications is an evangelistic ministry specializing in cost-effective evangelism and discipleship through mass media, including the Internet, television, and the production, translation, and worldwide distribution of Christian motion pictures and literature.

Effective Evangelism Training
Effective Evangelism Training is your one stop location for evangelism resources. Effective Evangelism is easy to use, understand, navigate, and apply to real-life ministry efforts. The website features a step-by-step plan for sharing the gospel with your friends and family, Bible studies that provides knowledge and confidence in using God’s Word to win the lost, and many more downloadable evangelism resources. They also have forums where soul winners can share ideas and other useful information.

e-Ministry Training
If you are planning on using the Internet as your way to communicate the Gospel, you might want to visit the e-Ministry Training website. They train Christians on how to use the Internet as a tool to evangelize and disciple by using the Four Strategic Approaches: Engaging, Enriching, Empowering, and Equipping. To know more about these strategic approaches, visit the e-Ministry Training website.

EvangeCube EvangeCube offers an evangelism tool, the evangecube – a 7 panel picture cube that guides the soul-winner to share the Gospel of Christ in pictures arranged in a structured and non-confrontational way.

Evangelical Baptist Missions
Evangelical Baptist Missions take part in the evangelizing of the world in fulfilment of the Great Commission. EBM helps churches in sending forth missionaries into different countries. They also assist churches in supporting missionaries and mission work in every possible way consistent with Biblical principles. Visit their website for resources related to evangelism and how you can be part of their ministry.

Evangelical Outreach
This website provides resources on how to witness to Mormons, Catholics, Jews and other non-believers. They also have lots of free articles, tracts, sermons, music, videos and testimonies.

This website contains articles on how to witness to sinners, how to use tracts, and many more. You can also find evangelism books of Charles G. Finney and Ray Comfort in this website.

Evangelism & Our Mission as Christians
Evangelism & Our Mission as Christian is a Bible study material about the Great Commission, reasons why we should preach the Gospel, making disciples and church growth. Small groups can use this Bible study material for free. The literature is written by Michael Fackerell.

Evangelism by Bill Subritzky Evangelism is a series of notes compiled by Bill Subritzky under Dove Ministries. You can copy and reproduce these notes for free (not for commercial use) to be used in Evangelism trainings/seminars in your local church. is a website for practical evangelism training. They provide articles on the website, evangelism teleseminars, evangelism training webinars for continued personal growth, ongoing coaching to mentor and spur growth in personal evangelism, and church consulting.

Evangelism Explosion International
Evangelism Explosion is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. They offer leadership training for future evangelists and missionaries. You can also find evangelism resources in their website, schedule of their events, and updates on their ministry.

Evangelism Resources
Evangelism Resources (ER) is a non-denominational service mission dedicated to equip believers in fulfilling the Great Commission. ER provides materials for training pastors to be evangelists, training lay leaders to be local pastors, and energizing denominations to work together in national evangelism.

Evangelism Resources Online
Resources at Evangelism Resources Online are provided in three areas: training pastors to be evangelists; training lay leaders to be local pastors, and energizing denominations to work together in national evangelism. Programs, course materials, and other reading materials on Evangelism Resources Online website are intended for use by denomination and church leaders to energize and equip local churches for evangelism.

Evangelism Toolbox by Mike Wilson Evangelism Toolbox is a PDF version of Mike Wilson’s book. This book promotes the concept of TEAM Evangelism, using small, Bible study groups as entry points for unbelievers’ exposure to the Gospel. It also contains much practical “how to” material based on lessons from Ecclesiastes, Luke and Acts. You may order the book plus a workbook for the student in the Evangelism Toolbox website.

Evangelism Training
Evangelism Training helps equip and encourage believers to share their faith. You can find in their website useful articles and resources like how to share, how to handle objections while witnessing, and many more. (The website is currently under construction.) is a ministry of EvanTell. You can join their online discussions and conversations about evangelism and how to do it. They also have featured articles such as 3 Traditions for Sharing Christ at Thanksgiving, Learning How to Talk About Your Faith in Two Sentences, and many more.
Christian evangelism resources, books for Christian evangelism, apologetics, evangelism references, evangelism movements and coalitions… You can find all these here in this website. If you are also looking for evangelistic conferences, this website post schedules of their evangelistic events.

Evangelism101 / Bryan Turner
Bryan Turner is an evangelist and worship leader. Evangelism101 is the name of his website. You can download a lot of free videos and sermons related to evangelism in Evangelism101.

EvanTell supports Christian local churches in evangelism anywhere and anytime. The ministry offers evangelism training to churches and individual Christians who wants to improve their ministry of reaching out to the lost souls. provides answers to questions about God, salvation, and life. The site contains articles, real life video stories, online chats, and others.

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