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Harvest Productions
Harvest Productions creates dramatic evangelistic videos presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ for use in churches and mission fields. Their films are produced in different languages. You can view the available films on their website.

Here's Life Learn how to reach the world just by using your computer. Here's Life will teach you how to do that. Aside from Internet Evangelism, they also train believers to use other evangelism methods you can find in their website.

How To Share Your Faith
How To Share Your Faith is a ministry that trains believers on how to lead others across the line of faith through video curriculum or personal training conferences and workshops with Dr. Kent Tucker, president of How To Share Your Faith and associate-senior pastor who has been conducting evangelism trainings beginning with Campus Crusade.

How To Win Souls The web address will take you to a PDF material entitled How To Win Souls by Rev. Don Ferrel. Rev. Ferrel made a simple six-pages outline on how to witness, why Christians should witness, different methods of witnessing, etc.

How To Win Souls the Bible Way
The link will take you to an article entitled How To Win Souls the Bible Way.
How To Witness
How To Witness equips missionaries, evangelists, and soul-winners on how to share the gospel to people who belong to other non-Christian religions. Since witnessing is a tough battle, the How To Witness prepares the Christian intellectually by showing what different religions and denominations believe and what the Bible says in contrast to non-Christian beliefs.

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