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Make It Clear Ministries
Make It Clear Ministries provides information on various Christian topics including soul winning. Scroll down the page and look for Soul Winning Tips and Examples. Click the link to take you to their Soul Winning webpage.

Mark Cahill Ministries
Mark Cahill Ministries offers books, booklets for church giveaways, tracts, training tools, sermons and videos that help equip a Christian to win his or her family members, relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues to Christ.

Meekness and Truth Ministries
Meekness and Truth Ministries trains believers in sharing the gospel through the use of Christian apologetics or pre-evangelism. Their website provides free pre-evangelism resources and training to better equip Christians for the challenges of reaching a skeptical post-Christian world.

Mercy Street Ministries
Mercy Street Ministries is committed to training Christians to harvest. The website has lots of training materials, audio books, free online books, podcast and blog articles about witnessing. You can also enroll freely on their evangelism on-line courses. is a premium distribution site devoted to offering the best quality Christian films and videos that can be used in soul-winning and evangelism.

Mission Network News
Mission Network News (MNN) is a mission news service dedicated to keeping Christians informed on evangelical mission activity around the world. 

Missions is an online store that offers practical and experiential tools (books, devotionals, Evange-basketball, DVDs, CDs, etc) that can be used in soul-winning and evangelism and other Christian ministries.

Mobile Web Evangelism
Do you want to share your faith online but don't have a computer or an Internet connection? Mobile Web Evangelism blog is where you can find ideas on how to use your cell phone for Internet ministry. is a Christian video sharing site similar to YouTube. Pastors and church leaders who wish to use videos to evangelize can use Christian videos available in Videos can also be added to as long as it has something to do with the Christian faith.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact


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