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Old Path Mission
The Old Path Mission is a non-denominational Christian fellowship actively involved in evangelism and discipleship in United States, Africa, Central America, India and Vietnam. They do not just lead people to receive Jesus but they also train Christians to lead others to Christ. You may contact them for Soul-Winning and Evangelism trainings/seminars. (If you want to know more about their trainings, click Training Facility.) You may visit their Soul-Winning link to read or download evangelism articles and presentations.

OM Ireland
OM Ireland helps mobilize churches and its members to fulfill the Great Commission. They visit churches and conduct evangelism courses to teach and train Christians how to overcome their fear and clearly present the Gospel to anyone at anytime. Click Resources>>Evangelism Training for more information.

One Verse Evangelism Training
If you want to learn how to evangelize using just any one verse from the Bible, you are free to download One Verse Evangelism Training conducted by Jack Harris, Associate for Personal and Event Evangelism at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

Open Air Campaigners
Open Air Campaigners, an evangelistic ministry, preaches the Gospel out from the church into busy city sidewalks, marketplaces, parks, college campuses and neighborhoods. The ministry also provides training and service opportunities to mobilize the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

Outreach provides cost-effective and proven methods, resources and church outreach tools like books, media and film, postcard invitations, banners, bulletin covers, curriculum, church campaign materials and more.

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