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Salvation of Souls
This website provides a simple and systematic plan for successful soul winning. Their tools and teaching aids, especially Dr. C.S. Lovett’s book How to be a Successful Soul Winner, are new and effective and will help overcome your fears of witnessing. Click on the Resources link to view this book and other evangelism resources.

Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association
Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association continues to spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to people of all ages. The ministry organizes evangelistic events such as conferences and minor league baseball games to create opportunities for believers to share Jesus Christ. They also use the Internet as a soul-winning tool.

Servant Evangelism
Servant Evangelism is a ministry by Vineyard Community Church. Servant Evangelism is a simple, straightforward approach to sharing God’s love in simple and practical ways. Their website offers resources and literatures about evangelism. They also distribute e-newsletters for updates about their ministry. If you have questions about God, salvation, the Bible, or anything about Christianity, a community forum is available in the Servant Evangelism website.

Share Him
Share Him helps train and equip members and pastors to develop a lifestyle of sharing Christ through personal and public evangelism. To fulfill this mission, Share Him offers two different programs: the international campaigns and the homeland initiative. If you want to make friends for the kingdom using Share Him programs, visit Share Him website.

Share the Savior
Share the Savior helps churches expand their current evangelistic outreach, trains Christians to communicate the gospel more effectively, and proclaims the truth directly to those who are without Christ. The ministry conducts evangelism trainings and spiritual growth events to churches and Christian organizations. Visit their website to know how they can help you in your evangelism ministry.

SharingTheFaith is a witnessing tool for web users. Christians who want to learn, be equipped and trained on how to evangelize using the Internet can join and share their faith on the online interactive site. SharingTheFaith, a website of Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association, also equips and train believers on how to evangelize by using the Internet as a tool.

Silent Word Ministries
Silent Word Ministries is a missionary-evangelistic outreach to deaf people, families and churches. They write and print fundamental and trusted Bible materials for the purpose of winning people to Christ, helping build deaf ministries, and strengthening deaf people into mature Christians. Their website has several evangelism resources: literature, witnessing tools, videos, audios, sign language, software and graphics, and many more.

SimplyShareJesus helps you share Jesus Christ via the Internet. They provide free SimplyShareJesus html you can copy and paste in your website or blog. You may also share the SimplyShareJesus website to your non-Christian friend and from there they can watch soul-winning videos.

Somewhere Forever Ministries
Somewhere Forever Ministries produces multimedia materials that churches or individuals may use in sharing the Good News. They also develop DVD’s for distribution in Spanish and English.

Soul Winning System
Soul Winning System provides free soul-winning business cards you can distribute to anyone, anywhere. You can even leave the soul-winning business cards on car windows and shields within minutes.
This website contains lots of links to various evangelism resources. If you want to learn how to do one-on-one Christian witnessing or how to witness to a Jew, visit this website and check their articles about those topics or any soul winning topics.

Soulwinner’s Resource Page
Soulwinner’s Resource Page provides links on articles on how to be an effective soul-winner.

Sowing the Word
Sowing the Word (STW) is a personal ministry of the Central Baptist Church of Somerset, Kentucky.  Its desire is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ by propagating the Biblical Gospel.  STW provides free Gospel tracts, holds Bible conferences, and provides evangelism training resources for Christian workers throughout the world.  STW also publishes a publication called “The Gospel Call”.  This publication is designed to stir and instruct Christian workers in Biblical evangelism. 

Stone Tablets Ministries/My
Stone Tablets is a Christian ministry focused on relation and web evangelism. They offer WebTracts for Christians to use in sharing the Good News via the Internet. The new name of the website is My Evangelism. Aside from WebTracts and articles, Stone Tablet or My Evangelism also has a list of links to other Christian websites.

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