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R U 100% Sure

If you are looking for very relaxed and enjoyable evangelism training sessions, visit R U 100% Sure website. R U 100% Sure International Ministry helps build your confidence in witnessing and teaches you how to witness using three questions, three scriptures, and a closing question to reach the lost in an easy and effective manner.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) aims to train Christians in the following areas: Evangelism, Apologetics, and Spiritual Disciplines. Their seminars/conferences are already in DVDs/CDs and books, available in RZIM online store. If you want to attend RZIM conferences and other events, look for their schedule in their website.l

Regions Beyond

Regions Beyond is the official website of Regions Beyond Publications and Regions Beyond Ministries. The website is loaded with materials for evangelism and other ministries. These materials include helpful books, children’s books, Sunday school materials, church growth materials and articles.

Resources for Evangelism

Resources for Evangelism gives away materials free of charge for the purpose of equipping and training believers on soul winning and evangelism.

Revival Fires

Revival Fires is the official website of Revival Fires Ministries, a Christian organization committed to bringing the Gospel to different countries like Russia, India, and China. Part of their mission is to distribute Bibles and organize giant camp meetings where. Revival Fires Ministries welcomes anyone who is interested to be involved in mission and evangelism.

Revival Focus Ministries

Revival Focus Ministries provides articles and audio sermons that focus on revival and evangelism. They offer NETSeminar, a five-day, intensive training seminar that helps equip Christians for evangelism. They also have evangelism training courses, workbooks, and books.

Russ Doughten Films

Russ Doughten Films, together with Mustard Seed International, creates award-winning movies solely for evangelism purposes. Aside from films, they also support evangelism tools such as the Share Your Faith kit and the Prophecy Survival Guide pack.


Salvation of Souls

This website provides a simple and systematic plan for successful soul winning. Their tools and teaching aids, especially Dr. C.S. Lovett’s book How to be a Successful Soul Winner, are new and effective and will help overcome your fears of witnessing. Click on the Resources link to view this book and other evangelism resources.

Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association

Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association continues to spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to people of all ages. The ministry organizes evangelistic events such as conferences and minor league baseball games to create opportunities for believers to share Jesus Christ. They also use the Internet as a soul-winning tool.

Servant Evangelism

Servant Evangelism is a ministry by Vineyard Community Church. Servant Evangelism is a simple, straightforward approach to sharing God’s love in simple and practical ways. Their website offers resources and literatures about evangelism. They also distribute e-newsletters for updates about their ministry. If you have questions about God, salvation, the Bible, or anything about Christianity, a community forum is available in the Servant Evangelism website.

Share Him

Share Him helps train and equip members and pastors to develop a lifestyle of sharing Christ through personal and public evangelism. To fulfill this mission, Share Him offers two different programs: the international campaigns and the homeland initiative. If you want to make friends for the kingdom using Share Him programs, visit Share Him website.

Share the Savior

Share the Savior helps churches expand their current evangelistic outreach, trains Christians to communicate the gospel more effectively, and proclaims the truth directly to those who are without Christ. The ministry conducts evangelism trainings and spiritual growth events to churches and Christian organizations. Visit their website to know how they can help you in your evangelism ministry.


SharingTheFaith is a witnessing tool for web users. Christians who want to learn, be equipped and trained on how to evangelize using the Internet can join and share their faith on the online interactive site. SharingTheFaith, a website of Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association, also equips and train believers on how to evangelize by using the Internet as a tool.

Silent Word Ministries

Silent Word Ministries is a missionary-evangelistic outreach to deaf people, families and churches. They write and print fundamental and trusted Bible materials for the purpose of winning people to Christ, helping build deaf ministries, and strengthening deaf people into mature Christians. Their website has several evangelism resources: literature, witnessing tools, videos, audios,  sign  language, software and graphics, and many more.


SimplyShareJesus helps you share Jesus Christ via the Internet. They provide free SimplyShareJesus html you can copy and paste in your website or blog. You may also share the SimplyShareJesus website to your non-Christian friend and from there they can watch soul-winning videos.

Somewhere Forever Ministries

Somewhere Forever Ministries produces multimedia materials that churches or individuals may use in sharing the Good News. They also develop DVD’s for distribution in Spanish and English.

Soul Winning System

Soul Winning System provides free soul-winning business cards you can distribute to anyone, anywhere. You can even leave the soul-winning business cards on car windows and shields within minutes.

This website contains lots of links to various evangelism resources. If you want to learn how to do one-on-one Christian witnessing or how to witness to a Jew, visit this website and check their articles about those topics or any soul winning topics.

Soulwinner’s Resource Page

Soulwinner’s Resource Page provides links on articles on how to be an effective soul-winner.




Sowing the Word

Sowing the Word (STW) is a personal ministry of the Central Baptist Church of Somerset, Kentucky.  Its desire is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ by propagating the Biblical Gospel.  STW provides free Gospel tracts, holds Bible conferences, and provides evangelism training resources for Christian workers throughout the world.  STW also publishes a publication called “The Gospel Call”.  This publication is designed to stir and instruct Christian workers in Biblical evangelism. 

Stone Tablets Ministries/My

Stone Tablets is a Christian ministry focused on relation and web evangelism. They offer WebTracts for Christians to use in sharing the Good News via the Internet. The new name of the website is My Evangelism. Aside from WebTracts and articles, Stone Tablet or My Evangelism also has a  list of links to other Christian websites.


Tandem Ministries

Tandem Ministries is the new name for New Zealand Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Click Resources or Store to find out what exciting evangelism tools you may use to preach the Good News to your family members, friends, and neighbors.

Texas Baptists

Texas Baptists is the official website of Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT). BGCT encourages, facilitates and connects churches in their work to fulfill God’s mission of reconciling the world to Himself through evangelism and meeting human needs. Updates on ministries, articles and news about BGCT’s mission and evangelism can be found on their website.

The Answer Is Christ

Share the best answer of all times: Jesus Christ. This websites offers tips and tools for sharing Christ and your faith with others. There are also videos and lots of articles in this website.

The Baptist Start Page

The Baptist Start Page is the official website of First Baptist Church, Tallassee. Aside from Christian living, the website also offers free resources on church planting, disciple making, and evangelism.

The Berean Call

The Berean Call is a ministry which aims to evangelize and reach more people with the truth of God’s Word by way of the Internet, in-house videos, e-books, radio, CDs, tapes and other means. They also provide materials that alert Christians and non-Christians about unbiblical teachings and practices of different denominations.

The Big Day

Soul Winning Commitment Day is a day when the church will focus on evangelism. Materials and resources on how to plan for this event can be downloaded in The Big Day website.

The Burning Hell

This is the official website of the film The Burning Hell, one of the top five evangelistic videos in Spanish speaking countries.

The Digital Sanctuary

Witnessing and soul-winning can also be done on the Internet. You can share your faith through facebook, twitter, and other social media networks. The Digital Sanctuary, created by Cynthia Ware, specializes on training churches to expand and enrich their organizational reach by using the Internet as a tool.

The epic group

The Epic Group seeks to make the world different by engaging students and adults in life-altering servanthood evangelism through performing selfless acts of service. They conduct Epic Training which includes: seminars, training events, conference speakers, servanthood evangelism, and training. You can also subscribe for free to Epic’s premier evangelism training e-magazine.

The Go Forth Alliance

The Go Forth Alliance provides Effective Evangelistic Outreach, Ongoing Biblical Discipleship and Fruitful Church Planting. You may visit their website for witnessing resources.

The God’s Story Project

Missionaries and evangelists who want to present the Bible in videos can visit this website.  Films and videos are good tools for presenting the Bible to people who cannot read and write.

The Gospel Truth

The Gospel Truth website provides free access to the complete works of Charles G. Finney and other writers. You may find evangelism articles and sermons written by Finney when you click the link to his webpage. You may also visit the other link to take you to “The Independent”, a webpage also containing works by Finney.

The JESUS Film Project

Another ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ is The JESUS Film Project. The goal of The JESUS Film Project is to help share Jesus with everyone in his or her own heart language using media tools and movement building strategies. The JESUS Film Project distributes the film “JESUS” which is produced in different languages. The “JESUS” film is a very great tool for evangelism.

The KJV Store

If you are looking for evangelism tools where Biblical references are written in King James Version, you can find them in The KJV Store. The KJV Store is an online store specializing in King James Version Bibles in print, audio, video, software, and other electronic formats. Their product selection includes Spanish Reina-Valera Bibles, KJV Defense books, Bible reference books, church supplies, and many other Christian gifts and accessories.

The Medical Strategic Network

The Medical Strategic Network equips, networks, and mobilizes Christian health professionals and students to integrate their Christian faith in their profession thus providing a holistic treatment to their patients. They conduct Medical Evangelism Training & Strategies (METS) Conferences to interested Christian groups.

The Navigator

Aside from introducing Jesus Christ to those who don’t know him and strengthening the faith of Christians, the Navigators, an international, interdenominational Christian ministry, is committed to training Christians to fulfill the Great Commission in places where they study, live, work, and play. Click on the “TOOL” link to take you to evangelism resources and tools.

The Official Website of Arthur Blessit

Arthur Blessit’s inspirational sermons, books, and articles about witnessing can be found on his official website.

The School of Biblical Evangelism

School of Biblical Evangelism trains and equips Christians who want to become evangelists and missionaries. The school offers online biblically sound courses created by Kirk Cameron and Ray comfort.

The Soul Winner

The Soul Winner helps Christians and churches win souls and develop them into mature, spiritual believers. Their website has lots of literary resources about evangelism: personal evangelism, church evangelism, and web evangelism. You can find sermons focused on evangelism and apologetics. The Soul Winner also facilitates evangelistic events and trainings for churches.

The Task Virals

If your role includes motivating other people for evangelism and outreach, then you may want to download useful video clips related to evangelism in The Task Virals.

The Way of the Master

The Way of the Master is an evangelism resource and training site that helps Christians share their faith effectively and biblically. Aside from that you can also watch witnessing video clips or visit their online store.

Thirst No More

Thirst No More by 9th Inning Ministry offers a wide variety of evangelistic materials, along with Thirst No More bottled water, to faith-based organizations. The 9th Inning Ministry also hold evangelistic events, mission outreach events, camps and retreats, etc in different communities.


Threads is a movement that pilots events and works with churches in establishing service projects. Its aim is to encourage churches to reach out to people who are largely outside the church. distributes free e-newsletters. Their newsletters contain evangelism tips, resources and stories. They also offer a book: Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied. The book helps empower ordinary Christians in sharing Jesus Christ to others.

Touched by Grace

Touched by Grace inspires individuals to unleash their true purpose by facilitating individual transformation through workshops, lectures, and seminars. Its goal is to guide individuals to lead a focused life with elegance and passion so they in turn become powerful witnesses and soul-winners.

Treasure Path To Soul Winning

Treasure Path To Soul Winning is a ministry founded by J. O. Grooms to train pastors to be obedient to the Great Commission. Their products include books about soul winning: Treasure Path to Soul Winning, Soul Winner’s Paradise, Soul Winner’s Blessed Hope, Soul Winner’s Fast, Soul Winner’s Prayer Life, and Soul Winner’s Overcome Temptations. Visit their website and click on the Products link if you want to order copies for you and your friends.





US Center for World Mission

The US Center for World Mission offers programs and courses to Christians who want are interested in serving God through mission and evangelism. They also provide publications to update you with what is happening with the Church’s mission and evangelism world-wide, and evangelism resources.



You can find downloadable video clips in this blogspot that may be useful in sharing the Gospel to your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, or just anyone.


This is the official website of the Internet Evangelism Coalition. If you desire to become an online evangelist for Jesus Christ, IEC is offering online trainings for web evangelism. You can join the ministry group or subscribe to their newsletter. Visit their website if you are interested.

Website Evangelism

Website Evangelism provides resources for Christians in their daily witness and invites them to get involved in using the Internet and the websites they create to reach the lost. Click Resources to take you to different evangelism tools Website Evangelism offers. You can also find testimonies and blog articles to inspire you in your soul-winning adventure.

Wholesome Words

Wholesome Words is where you can find biographies of Christian missionaries and evangelists. The website is also a good resource for Christian articles, eBooks, Christian short stories, and information on different Christian organization and institutions.

Why Evangelize

Why Evangelize website contains articles on how to witness to Mormons and other unsaved people. There are also testimonies that can inspire you to share your faith to non-believers.

Winning and Warning

Winning and Warning provides non-confrontational, confident, and hands-on training on soul-winning and evangelism. They help churches in equipping church members to participate in witnessing and other evangelistic activities.

Wordless Book

The Wordless Book is a very simple and handy evangelistic tool. Many of all ages have come to Christ after hearing the Gospel message just by using the colors of the Wordless Book. To know how to use this, visit the Wordless Book website.






Youth Pastor

You can find in this website evangelism lessons like Methods of Evangelistic Contact and Salvation Counseling Guide.

Youth With A Mission

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is an international, interdenominational volunteer movement of Christians. They offer extensive discipleship and training programs to people interested in mission and evangelism. If interested to undergo their training, visit their website and search for YWAM offices in your country where you can submit your application.





If you have any questions or need help finding a particular dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact


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