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Baker’s Guide Christian Online Learning
Baker’s Guide is an online resource website that can help you in your search for quality and accredited Christian education and online learning programs. The website features over 550 online undergraduate and graduate degrees from over 125 Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries. Baker’s Guide also catalogs online Christian homeschooling, K-12, and virtual high schools plus numerous theology degree programs offered by international universities.

Baptist Church Planting Ministry
Baptist Church Planting Ministry is an independent Baptist organization whose purpose is to preach and teach the gospel of Christ, counsel Christians, plant churches, and hold evangelistic meetings in order to plant churches. Available on their online store is their Church Planting Training manuals and CDs. You can also read articles and other entries at the Resources link.

Bible Skills Institute
The Bible Skills Institute offers online accredited courses in Christian service. BSI grants Christian Ministry Certificates, Christian Ministry Diplomas, and Advanced Degrees through the Southwest Bible College & Seminary which accepts all BSI credits.

Bible Training Centre for Pastors
Bible Training Centre for Pastors offers non-formal theological training to untrained pastors and church leaders. BTCP uses a biblical, systematic, portable and comprehensive approach to providing the foundational equivalent of a good Bible College or seminary education. You may download their Program Summary Manual for an overview of their program and all ten courses.

Blue Letter Bible
Blue Letter Bible offers over 680,000 content pages of Bible study resources, including: advanced Bible search, Bible study tools, Audio/Video and text commentaries, audio sermon downloads, daily devotionals and reading plans, topical papers and theological notes, Spanish language resources, and social networking and applications. They also offer courses at the Blue Letter Bible Institute accessible on their website.

Blue Letter Bible Institute
Blue Letter Bible Institute offers Bible classes to anyone, anywhere in the world, to learn more about the Christian faith. There are currently 13 courses on the BLBI in which you may enroll. The courses may be viewed at BLBI’s course catalog.

Building Church Leaders
You will find more than 250 free articles and tools on this website. Their resources are helpful as you and your team could stay informed of topics that affect the church. You may also download their easy-to-use Training Tools which provide everything you need to prepare a relevant training session in a matter of minutes.

Burning Bush‌columnid=1901
The New Pastor’s Training Manual by Ed Wrather is now available at The Burning Bush. The manual will teach you the how-to, nuts and bolts, and practical basics for pastors. Just go to The Burning Bush website and click on the New Pastor’s Training Manual link at the left side.

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