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CARM – Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
If you want to learn more about the Christian faith and how to defend it, consider the CARM online Schools of Theology, Apologetics, and Critical Thinking. The schools are arranged logically, are very easy to use, and will effectively teach you what you need to know. CARM offers very affordable tuition fee, and you will receive a certificate at the end of each school.

Charity Baptist Bible Institute and Seminary (CBBI)
CBBI is a Baptist Bible school located at Ohio. It teaches through each book of the Bible verse by verse. Courses are taught on various other subjects including the Trinity, Signs &Wonders, Rightly Dividing, Preacher & His Preaching, and more. Click on their link for more information on CBBI.

Christ for India
Christ for India sponsors and hosts educational and inspirational conferences for thousands of pastors and mission workers in India. The participants are equipped with the books, tools, and training needed to help them reach the lost in their local areas. Christ for India provides meals and lodging for attendees, then they will go out to villages and share the gospel as well as preach in newly established churches.

Church Leadership Development International (CLDI)
CLDI equips pastors throughout Eurasia with training, encouragement and resources to strengthen and multiply their churches. They hold regional pastors conferences and leadership development institutes. They also provide resources and relief projects for pastoral leaders, scholarships for formal and non-formal pastoral training, and other ministry resources.

Pastor Clarence Sexton’s Recommended Reading List
(Faith for the Family)
The Pastor’s Book List is a site that contains a list of books and authors that can be of help to pastors, preachers and church leaders. These books are highly recommended by Pastor Clarence Sexton. Pastor Sexton is also an author and writes Christian books. His books may be purchased at Crown Christian Publications.

CoachNet holds events like conferences, seminars, and workshops to train pastors and lay members on how to become godly leaders who minister faithfully to the Lord and His people. They post a calendar of events and everyone is invited to join and learn. They also have a webinar, many free resources, and articles about leadership.

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