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E-Learning Courseware from BWGI Ministries
(Spiritual Life Development Course)
Online Bible study courses/materials are being offered on this website. The interactive course includes a CD and website, videos, narrated slide shows, course notes, and more. They also have course mentors to answer your questions and pray with you.

E-Sword is a Bible Study Software. It is free and highly recommended to pastors, Bible teachers and students, Christian leaders, and to everyone. You can download the E-Sword software at the above links. The site also offers a tutorial on how to use E-Sword.

Emmaus Road Course
The Emmaus Road Course is a training tool for new pastors in fast growing churches. It consists of five 20-hour sections. The materials are a general resource and are being used in the Horn of Africa. You are free to use, multiply, and contextualize them as is appropriate for your ministry setting. You may download the course on the above links.

EQUIP, a non-profit organization founded by Dr. John C. Maxwell, is specializing in the development of effective international Christian leaders. One ministry they have is the Leadership Moment, a radio ministry dedicated to helping people in all walks of life and become intentional in their influence and grow in servant leadership based on biblical principles. They have several ministries, tools, and resources on leadership development. Visit their website to find out how EQUIP can help you become an equipped servant leader.

Evangelical Training Association
ETA provides programs, materials, and services to help churches to develop skilled teachers and ministry leaders to effectively serve the local church. You may enroll in their Bible Institute where they offer certificate programs/courses. Also, ETA has a resource store where you can purchase books on leadership and many more.

Evangelical Training Directory
This website is a searchable multi-lingual database of evangelical Bible colleges and pastoral, theological and missionary training programs, courses and resources world-wide. It helps you find the training you need to serve the Lord. How to use it‌ Just type in any keyword in the search engine then click Search.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact


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