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Leadership and Partnership
By Ralph Ipyana Schubert‌s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1296664221&sr=1-3‌s=schubert
Leadership and Partnership is a dialogue between Western and Tanzanian Christian leaders on their leadership styles and their impact on cross-cultural partnerships. Together, leaders from both societies discover the similarities and differences, strengths and weaknesses of each leadership style in terms of character, relationships, power and conflict and what they can learn from each other. Leadership and Partnership can be availed on the links above.

Leadership Matters Course
The Leadership Matters Course is a 2-week intensive course developed by the International Training Alliance. The course is focused on developing basic leadership skills for Christian workers around the world. Check out their upcoming LMC trainings on their website.

Leadership Moments
Leadership Moment is the radio ministry of EQUIP. Leadership Moment is dedicated to helping people in all walks of life—from teachers to full-time moms to CEOs—become intentional in their influence and grow in servant leadership based on biblical principles.

Leadership Rocks
Leadership Rocks is a ministry of Student Leadership University. Its main goal is to challenge and stretched students, youth ministries and fellowships to reach and exceed their potential through an experience of world class, high energy event, Leadership Rocks. This fresh experience is perfect in facilitating already existing events such as Disciple Now, winter camp, and weekend conferences. Visit their website for more information.

Liberty Home Bible Institute
At Liberty Home Biblical Institute, you can receive a complete Biblical Studies Education from the convenience of your own home or come to Lynchburg, Virginia and graduate in cap and gown. They offer low and affordable tuition, and you will get the following: 240 Biblical Studies lectures on 138 high-quality CD format or iPod Nano, textbooks, the professors own study notes, Wilmington’s Guide to the Bible, a comprehensive Bible Institute mid-term and final exams, a special bonus, plus a beautiful diploma.

Louisiana Baptist University
Louisiana Baptist University is one of five approved colleges and universities of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International of Springfield, Missouri. The school is a pioneer in external studies. They offer both undergraduate and graduate programs through their online delivery system called Moodle.

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