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Pastor and Leadership Training and Resources


MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship)
MAF put up a learning center, the MAF-Learning Technologies, for pastors and leaders who wish to learn how to use today’s technology to spread the Word of God. MAF-LT enables Bible and ministry skills training for church leaders in the developing world by providing technology, expertise, consulting services, and synergism in digital publishing and distance education. Visit their website for more information.

Mainstay Ministries
Mainstay Ministries has many resources for pastors who desire to improve their preaching and leadership skills. Aside from Bible studies and other book series, Mainstay Ministries introduces the 50-Day Spiritual Adventure, a series of sermons from Mainstay Church Resources. You can use the 50-Day Spiritual Adventure as a church-wide Bible study to preach and teach in ways that help your entire congregation to do what God’s Word says.

Mentor and Multiply
Mentor and Multiply provides guidelines and tools for pastors, leaders, missionaries, and church planters. Go visit this website if you are looking for a mentor or you need guidelines and documents that fit your leadership concerns. You may also volunteer to mentor new leaders.

MentorLink International
MentorLink International partners with almost two hundred missions, agencies, denominations and other ministry organizations to develop a new generation of Kingdom leaders to lead like Jesus. You can join MentorLink International’s 40 Days With Jesus, a 40-day journey into Jesus’ heart, character, values and ways of leading and building people. For more information on 40 Days With Jesus, check out the link above.

Ministry127 is a resource site for spiritual leaders. The website features a growing collection of ministry resources that are available 24/7 at no charge. All resources are fundamental in doctrine, biblical in practice, and Christ-honoring in ministry philosophy.

Moody Bible Institute
Moody Bible Institute offers undergraduate studies, graduate studies, continuing education, and distance learning options. MBI’s Bible-based education is combined with real ministry experience to prepare the students for Christian service. MBI’s education legacy is rich with graduates boldly reaching the world for Christ, paving the way for future generations to do the same.

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