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Sermon Coach
Sermon-Coach is a website designed to break the cycle of habitual last minute work and also to give even the most organized pastor a chance to consider various options regarding future sermons. They have free sermon manuscripts and free subscription of Sermon-Coach e-newsletter. They also provide sermon-enhancing service ideas and seminars to pastors and church leaders.

Sermon Depository
Audi sermons are available at Sermon Depository. Most audio sermons are in MP3 format and can be played on any computer or portable player. Everything on this website is FREE.

Sermon Fodder
Sermon Fodder is a Christian humor list that offers anecdotes, jokes, and other Christian and church-related humor in regular e-mail postings. Their materials can be used by pastors and Sunday school teachers as lesson and sermon illustrations. You can also use their materials as filler materials in church bulletins, church newsletter and other publications.

Sermon Outlines
Sermon is a preacher friendly site. It has the largest expository alliterated sermon website in the world. Now with over 11,000 great full text sermons, 58 contributing authors, 228 complete sermon series, and over 800 illustrations. You can also learn how to construct sermons at the Center for Expository Bible Preaching, the world’s only school teaching expository alliterated sermon preparation.

Sermon Preaching
IFB Audio Sermon Preacing
This is an Independent Fundamental Baptist website where you can listen to different sermon preaching by different pastors. You can listen to audio sermons or watch videos.
You can listen to over 430,771 sermons at Sermons are free and from conservative churches worldwide. Just type a keyword on the search engine located at the top of the page then click Go.

Sermons and Preaching
Online Baptist Sermons and Preaching‌/links/
Online Baptist has links to other websites where you can access sermons and preaching from different Baptist churches all over the world. Other categories such as Sermon Outlines are found on the left side.

Sermons in Spanish
Listen to over 40 sermons in Spanish language at Sermons in Spanish. Audio sermons are available in mp3 and can be played using Windows Media Player. Sermons are delivered by different pastors.

Sermons on Christmas
Sermons on Christmas is another project of Mainstay Ministries. They offer December preaching resources that pastors or leaders can use on pulpits and programs. You can view their resources on the above website.
Independent Fundamental Baptist Sermons brings you Independent Fundamental Baptist Sermons in MP3 format. To listen to different preaching, go to the Sermon link. You can sort by title, preacher or category, or you can choose to display all sermons by one preacher or all sermons in one category. preserves and propagates classical Biblical preaching and promotes Christ-centered revival to this generation. The speakers and articles on the website encourage towards reviving these missing elements of Christianity: holiness, purity, Christ-likeness, self-denial and discipleship. Available in this website are audio sermons, text sermons, video sermons and a forum where you can join discussions.

Student Leadership University
Student Leadership University cultivates, trains, and awakens the youth to become successful leaders in the future. They encourage young leaders to commit themselves to excellence and to develop the ability to rise above self, circumstances, obstacles, and change. They have four courses: SLU 101, SLU 201, SLU 301, and SLU 401. Visit their website for more information.

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