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How to Prepare to Become a Missionary

If you belong to a good church, hopefully your pastor or deacons can help your to prepare to be a missionary. I would also talk to missionaries on the field to get advice, wisdom and counsel from them. I would start studying the field where you plan on serving. You should pray that your vision to serve God as a full time missionary is genuine. Many times God will not call someone to be a missionary unless someone is faithful in their morning devotions, prayer life and witnessing or preaching where they live right now. Also, many people feel called to be a missionary right after they are saved, when in fact God just wants them them to witness locally. At this time, right after someone is saved, it is good to get active locally and go on some short term missions trips.

Another thing that you could do is read missionary biographies. One of the largest distributers of Christian books in the USA is Also has some good books. You could buy some missionary biographies there or at a local Christian bookstore. On my web site I have a link called “Books for Missions” which has info on some books regarding missions.

Many times it is good to take one of more short term missions trips to the area where you plan on serving. If you don’t know of a group that is taking a short term missions project in the area you plan on serving, you could visit my links regarding “Short Term Missions” at You could also call a missionary organization that you might be interested in serving with and ask if they have short term missions opportunities in the place where you plan on serving. Two books that I find useful are Mission Handbook and Operation World. Mission Handbook has info on many of the best missionary organizations of the world, where they serve and what is the focus of their ministry. Operation World has information about every country in the world from a Christian perspective. It has interesting information for missionaries. On my website, I have links for Mission Handbook and Operation World.

Although the Bible does not say you have to go to a college or university to be a missionary, you should pray about it. I have learned from experience that it would be good to ask many people as possible about different colleges you could attend and what their opinion of the different colleges. It would be good to visit them first and sit in on some classes I would especially ask different pastors. Some links that might be interesting to you on is “Cross cultural resources”, “Missionary Training Resources”, and “Fundraising for Missionaries.”

It would also be good to start language study as soon as possible -as God leads. I have a link called Language Learning Resources on
Many missionaries learn the language faster if they move to the field where they are serving and learn it by speaking to the people. Sometimes there is a language learning school in the country where you are planning on serving. It is usually the best way to learning a language.

I would try and find missionaries already serving in the country where you are planning on serving and ask them questions about the ministry in the country and what to do to prepare. It would be good to find a church that you could work with on the mission field. Many missionaries have said it is good not to have a know it all attitute or my way is superior to you attitude. It is good to go as a servant and be a learner. One of the biggest problems missionaries have on the field is working with other missionaries. It would be good to go with the determination that you will not fight with other missionaries.

I recommend reading the autobiograhpy of Hudson Taylor. He believed it was good for missionaries to blend in with the society. It would be good to dress like the people there. Another good idea is to contact different missionary organizations that you might want to serve with. Some missionaries choose to be sent out from their church and not be part of any missionary organization. The book Mission Handbook lists many of the best missionary organizations in the world and their addresses, etc... If you want a missionary web site, Web Missions will do a missionary web site for free.

It is good to have a Missionary Display for church presentations. I have link called Displays for Missions on On your display, many missionaries will have pictures of the places where they want to serve and different things from that culture.

It is also good to print a prayer card and possibly a prayer card the size of a business card. I have a link Prayer Cards for Missionaries at ww Some missionaries will print their web address, email address, address, phone number on the prayer card. Some will put their prayer requests on their prayer card.

Many missionaries will prepare a video or a slide presentation for their ministry. Some ministries will help prepare video presenatations for missionaries. This can be expensive so it might be a good idea to video tape something yourself with a camcorder and have someone edit it for you later. There are some ministries that will do this for a low price. You could see my link Video presentations for missionaries and I think I have some listed in my Unreached People Group Directory. If you are not able to find some of theses things on my web site, please contact me.

If you are interested in getting tracts for your ministry in the languages you will be working in, you could visit my web site and you will find tracts in many languages. Please use the search engine feature to help you find the language you want. Or you could contact me and I could send to you some ministries that have tracts in the language you plan on ministering in. You could also visit my web site on having a successful tract ministry and and selecting the right tract. Tracts are an excellent way to reach the people while you are learning the language and even after you learn the language. Also on my web site, you will find videos listed in many languages of the world. Showing evangelistic videos in the language you are ministering in is often a very effective way to reach the people. I also have links on video projectors,16mm projectors and other video outreach ideas at

Also it is good if you have children to decide whether you will homeschool your children. Two of the best homeschooling resources are ABEKA in Pensacola, Florida and Bob Jones curriculum. Another good choice might be Alpha and Omega curriculum. I have a link on my web site called Homeschooling Resources. Sometimes missionaries decide to let their children go to the schools in the country where they are serving so their children can learn the language easier. I know this question is a struggle with many missionaries.

Another excellent outreach idea for missionaries are correspondence courses. Emmaus and Source of Light correspondence courses are good choices. Handing our flyers advertising correspondence courses or putting in newspaper ads for correspondence courses are possible choices. I have a link on regarding the Correspondence Course ministry. When many missionaries prepare to go on the field and are raising support, it is often wise to raise a work fund for tracts, videos, books, booklets, correspondence courses, Sunday School materials, etc..

Some web sites/online newsletters that might help are
Ask a Missionary Newsletter
Doug Lucas’ Brigada Today Newsletter
Nate Wilson’s Mission Mobilizers E-zine


Below is some advice that other people have sent to me regarding preparing to be a missionary.

A book that might be helpful is “Send Me” by Steve Hoke. Excellent book that has ten steps to prepare for missions also “Work Your Way to the Nations for tentmakers”

This book is available in pdf format at: World Evangelical Alliance
and Global Opportunities.

The Ask A Missionary newsletter shares questions and answers on becoming a long-term missionary. Now with 2,705 participants.

To encourage a friend who is interested in missions, browse for the online forum with dozens of answers. To subscribe
mailto: You can post new
questions and new answers online. Topics with numerous answers online include:
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- Tentmaking
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- Singles/Families
At the end of each topic you will find answers about resources: - Where do I find articles, tapes, and books on this topic? - What are some of the best books and internet links on becoming a long-term missionary?
All material published in the Ask A Missionary newsletter is posted on this website under one of the above sections.

Journey Deepens

The Journey Deepens is a weekend retreat to help you explore, discover and connect with how you could become a long-term missionary in another culture. These weekends are for college students, professionals, and high school seniors who are willing to become a missionary but not sure if that is God's will or how that could unfold. The first retreat was held last month. For a report visit > FAQ and sign-up to receive more information as dates and locations across the U.S. are confirmed.

Missionary Training Camps

You will also want to look at a similar program, Missionary Training Camps, presented by Elijah Company. Visit

MISSIONARY TRAINING CAMPS -- Something has happened in your heart, you feel you have a call to missions involvement; now what do you do? The Missionary Training Camps present a wide range of spiritual and practical issues to help people prepare for missions work. Pastors, missions leaders, prayer warriors, those called to short term and career missions have attended the camps. One worker, now in the 10- 40 window, said the camp jump started his missions call. For those desiring further help, mentorship and certification follow the camps. For details regarding training content, dates, places of other upcoming camps, see the Elijah Company web site at
or write to or call (757) 639-2906.

Introductory Events

In addition, a number of missions agencies have introductory events of 3-10 days to explore long-term missions and as well as their organization. Ask an agency in which you have interest. For example, Wycliffe Bible Translators has a 5-day action packed course that helps people determine if they have what it takes to be a Bible translator. Visit
online resource for older adults, information and options for those i nterested in missions as a second career


YWAM offers a number of modular and flexible options for these people:

  1. Do a Discipleship Training School (DTS) and School of Frontier Mission (SoFM) 2 schools at a base - like Perth or Singapore [or Jacksonville FL] - that has a frontier mission focus. The DTS is good spiritual formation for mission and the SoFM (see URL below) is good cross-cultural training.
  2. Do a Frontier Mission Discipleship Training School (FM DTS) - a 14 week lecture phase that gives basic preparation for frontier missions.

One key is to do these trainings at a base that has a focus on frontier missions. YWAMers like myself would be glad to discuss options with these people... Missions training should planned 'with the end in view.' In other words, we should, as much as possible, start with the person's vision, gifts, and experience and design training that will enable them to do what God is telling them. That said, we really should discuss the person and their vision first before recommending training.

In response to this question, my opinion would be to look into various missions agencies and what types of training they offer. Of course, which one to choose would be largely based upon what part of the world a person is called to. As a member of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), I recommend our training program(s). The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 5 month (3 months lecture plus 2 months outreach) designed to help a person deal with any issues that hinder their relationship with the Lord, as well as give training in evangelism and missions. There are man secondary schools that YWAM offers, but the School Of Frontier Missions (SOFM) is designed specifically to help a person prepare for long-term service amongst an Unreached People Group. The SOFM is three months classroom plus a two-year field assignment. YWAM can place a person virtually anywhere in the world, as we have operating locations in over 145 countries. For more info on YWAM check out, or any one of probably hundreds of sites devoted to single operating locations such as

YWAM Singapore's School of Frontier Mission (SoFM) is a 12-month frontier mission cross-cultural training experience that will help you find out how you can best follow Christ's Great Commission. TEL: +65-6745-9700, ext. 222

Geylang P.O. Box 25
Singapore 913801

You can look up previously-published articles on preparing for mission work on the Mission Mobilizers E-zine at: and by running a search for the word “TRAINING:” at missionmobilizers (you’ll have to log in first with an email address which is subscribed to the Mission Mobilizers E-zine, but leave the password field blank). That said, I would underscore the course entitled “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” and Hoke and Taylor’s book, _Send Me! Your
Journey to the Nations_ as two of the most highly-recommended resources for missionary training. is another good resource as a network of people involved in missionary training.

Missionary Training

I am a missionary with Worldwide Evangelization for Christ Int. A few years ago we decided to be proactive in this area and we now have a Missionary Training Center in Langley B.C. Canada, called GATEWAY Missionary Training Centre. you can email them for more info at WEC is interdemoninational and international however we also want you to know that we are presently training missionaries from a number of mission organizations.This training is practical and can be tailored for the needs of the new missionary recruit. I would also think that education in Canada would be cheaper. By the way Gateway Missionary Training Centre also has a web site. (

I have been getting question from some people who want to prepare to become missionaries. They are just getting started. Could you please recommend to me resources for people who want to prepare to become missionaries?

The best possible resource on preparation for career missionaries coming from the US is through Mission Training International ( out of Colorado Springs.

I could also mention the Missionary Training Service courses details of which are available on

I have been particularly impressed with the missionary training program run by Heart of God Ministries in Oklahoma City. It’s called Beautiful Feet Boot Camp. More info at <>. Heart of God Ministries:

In preparing to be a missionary,
I also can think of "United States Centre of World Mission " web site
there are many links to prayer material, the Perspective Course for World Christian Movement, and the Frontiers Magazine. Also training in a mission minded bible college is another helpful strategy. I can suggest one: WEC (World Evangelisation Crusade) has a college called MIssionary Training College , or World View centre for Intercultural studies.
Emmaus Road International
We exalt the Name of Jesus! He alone is worthy of all honor and glory and praise!

I (Neal P.) am writing a new book, “I Think God Wants ME to be a Missionary!” It is precisely for those who are in the very beginning stages of considering missions. It will allow them to grapple with the issues of missionary life. It will help them count the cost before they say, I do! So that when they face the issues of missions, they won’t quit, but will be prepared to rise above them or plow through them.

Well, until that book is available, the two resources we offer (from which the book will be written) are:

CRITICAL ISSUES BULLETINS II: For Those Who Go. There are 15 4-6 page essays dealing with various issues.

SOLUTIONS TO CULTURE STRESS: A video series of four one-hour lessons. How I View Myself as a Missionary; How I view the Organization I am Going With; How I view the People among whom I will Minister; Reentry Stress. Both are available through our website:

Then, there is the whole area of developing a strong support team. For this training, we offer our books, SERVING AS SENDERS and THE REENTRY TEAM, and the audio tape series, BUILDING YOUR SUPPORT TEAM.

These are good for starters. When you people are ready to deploy, we offer an ACTS 29 Training Course which teaches them how to live and minister in a second culture. You can read about this on our website, as well. Let1s be in touch! For His glory!

Ministering by His grace,

Back to the Bible How to Prepare

Lisa Barry: For as many people as you meet, you'll find that many different opinions about missions. Some people hear the stories of traveling missionaries and shudder to think of themselves in a similar situation. They can't imagine ever being able to make such a sacrifice. On the other extreme are people who hear the same missionary stories and pine for the danger and excitement that overseas trips afford. The truth is that both of those people might be equally unprepared for missionary life.

Today on Gateway To Joy, Elisabeth Elliot continues talking about preparation for missions with some very specific suggestions on how to get ready. Even if you're not thinking about a ministry overseas, you'll find a spiritual parallel for your own life. Let's get started.

Elisabeth Elliot: "You are loved with an everlasting love." That's what the Bible says, "and underneath are the everlasting arms." This is your friend, Elisabeth Elliot, talking with you today about missions. I'm always so delighted when I receive letters from young people who have stars in their eyes and they're all excited about going on a mission trip.

Now there are many, many mission trips that young people can go on. Maybe sometimes for a week, or two weeks, or a month, or several months. There wasn't anything like that in my day. You took a boat. I got on a boat in New York City and it took me 10 days to get to the country where God had called me, the small country on the northwest part of South America called Ecuador. So it took us 10 days from New York to Guayaquil, the port city of Ecuador.

Then I had to learn Spanish in the capitol city of Quito, Ecuador. Of course, Spanish was only the first language that I had to learn. But from then on there were three other languages that were set before me that I had to learn, because I was working with tribal people whose languages had no connection at all with Spanish.

Now here's a sample of one of the many letters that I send out to young people who ask me how to prepare for missionary work. This is a question that comes to me with some frequency. I've had to resort to canned replies from time to time because I'm finding it just impossible to keep up with correspondence otherwise.

"Please understand and forgive me if this doesn't exactly answer your question. Reading missionary books is excellent preparation, even if they happen to me mine. And I have written some missionary books. Here's a list. Those which would be of the greatest help, I think, are my book called Through Gates of Splendor, which tells the stories of five missionary men who were killed in the jungles of Ecuador in 1956; the second one was Shadow of the Almighty, the biography of Jim Elliot, one of those 5 men; then The Savage, My Kinsmen, the story which tells how God enabled me to go and live with the people who had killed my husband. So I went in there with my little daughter, Valerie, and we had 2 wonderful years with the Acua Indians.

"Another book is called These Strange Ashes, which tells the story of my very first year with the Colorado Indians when I was still single and working with 2 British women. All of the work that I did that year turned to ashes. You'd have to read the book to find out how or why. Then I wrote a novel called No Graven Image, which was an attempt to get non Christians--or perhaps Christians who weren't the least bit interested in missions--get them interested in missions. And then a biography of that great missionary Amy Carmichael, I wrote one called A Chance to Die.

"Now your children will be best prepared for their new life by seeing the enthusiasm and godly trust of their parents. People always worry so much about children's adjustments. But I'm convinced that young people make adjustments much more easily than adults do. They quickly pick up a negative or fearful attitude if their parents reveal such. Let them know that it will be a wonderful adventure with God. And God has called you and your husband; therefore God has called them. And He will care for all of you.

"You will need to seek God's guidance about education. You've asked me for advice so I must say that I'm strongly against sending children younger than high school age away to boarding school. I homeschooled my daughter for 3 years, using the Calvert course. She and her husband, although not missionaries, have chosen homeschooling--convinced that children do far better psychologically, educationally and spiritually if they are not placed in peer groups earlier than the age of 10 or so. So I would suggest that you read a book by Colfax called Homeschooling for Excellence. It's very reassuring, written by parents who homeschooled 4 sons--all of whom went to Harvard.

"Now the best thing that I took was a tiny wood-burning cookstove, which I bought from Sears Roebuck for $17 in 1952. Also I had a little folding organ and 2 foam mattresses. Nowadays I suppose anything can be bought almost anywhere. By all means take books, music, microscope, binoculars.

"I lived for years without a refrigerator in the tropics. I didn't have electricity. I didn't have any running water. Certainly never had any plumbing problems and I didn't have a washing machine. It can be done. The Indian women were glad to have work so I hired them to wash and cook and clean house. These things depend, of course, on the situation where you yourself may be. "It is of utmost importance that you face missionary work with the spirit of servanthood. Read John 13 over and over, John 13. For a preview of coming attractions, study Matthew 9:35 through chapter 10. Jesus explains what they may expect. Also read John 15 and 16, crucial principles for service; and the conditions of discipleship, Matthew 16:24 26; and Luke 14:26-33.

Now most of you didn't have a pencil, probably most of you probably don't even want to bother with all these kind of stuff. But those few who might want those Scripture references I'll read them for you again. John 3:13, Matthew 9:35 through chapter 10, John 15 and 16, Matthew 16:24-26, and Luke 14:26-33. "Now remember, when you're a missionary you are a foreigner. You will never be anything else no matter how warmly you may be received. You are the one who has to do the adapting. Now by all means, ladies and gentlemen, ask the people to correct your attempts at their language. Don't just go to language school with a whole bunch of other Americans who may have an American teacher; they may have a very good teacher who belongs to the country. But by all means, even when you're just very beginning the study of another language, be constantly asking the people themselves, 'Did I say that right? Tell me how you say it. Say it again. Correct me. Tell me when I make a mistake. Correct my manners.' "The manners may be very different from our American manners. There doesn't seem to be much left of American manners anyway, but frequently overseas you're going to have some difficulties in learning how you're really supposed to behave. Ask the people to correct your way of life because you want to learn to identify yourself with those people so that you're not any more of a freak than you have to be.

"I was always a freak in Ecuador. The white Ecuadorian people, for the most part, were not as tall as I am. I happen to be 5'9". When I went to work with the Auca Indians, the people who had killed my husband, the tallest man was up just about to the top of my ear. So you may feel like a freak and you have accept that fact. You look like a freak, you dress like a freak, you talk like a freak. Go with it. Let it be that way.

"Identify with them in every way that's possible in order to eliminate distractions. It's your job to give them the Gospel. It's the Holy Spirit's job to show them how the Gospel should change their lives." I want to read that sentence again. "It's your job to give them the Gospel but it's the Holy Spirit's job to show them how it is to change their lives. Deuteronomy 31:8 will hold you when the going gets rough. Hang on to it.

"Lilias Trotter, whose dates are 1853 to 1928, was a missionary to Algiers. I think she was the only foreign missionary in Algiers. There are two biographies of her. One by someone named Goven Stewart, the title is The Love That Was Stronger. I think it's now out of print, so don't look too hard for that one--The Love That Was Stronger. But I know that there's one that is in print now called Until the Day Breaks, written by Patricia St. John. Patricia St. John, Until the Day Breaks, it is a wonderful biography of Lilias Trotter that missionary to Algiers.

"Miss Trotter gave meticulous attention to detail, which she said was demanded by the majesty of the indwelling Christ." Just think how that would transform our lives if we gave meticulous detail which is demanded by the majesty of the indwelling Christ. I want to be aware of the majesty of the indwelling Christ. "So with the people with whom I live, I must be willing to pay attention to meticulous details--ways in which they want to correct me when I might feel insulted by being corrected. Remember this is demanded by the majesty of the indwelling Christ."

I'll read some more about missionary preparation tomorrow. Lisa Barry: I hope you've been able to write down the helpful suggestions Elisabeth has been sharing all week. But if not, remember we do make tapes available of each series. This week's title is "Preparation for Missions." One of the things Elisabeth mentioned was to read missionary biographies. High on that list is one she wrote about the life of missionary Amy Carmichael. Amy's poetry and life legacy may be one of the most influential in Elisabeth's life. Wouldn't you love to glean the same kind of challenge from her? You can if you get a copy of the book A Chance to Die. And today, as our way of saying thanks for your continued support, when you make a contribution of Gateway To Joy of $20 or more, we'll send that biography out to you. Here's our address:

Gateway To Joy, Box 82500, Lincoln, NE 68501.
Or, call toll free anytime, 1-800-759-4JOY. That's 1-800-759-4569.
Preparation for Missions (message on cassette) $3.00  
This web site by Jennifer Pearson below has some good information on preparing to be a missionary.


Preparing to be a Missionary
Be sure you're growing spiritually
Continue your education
Learn about missions agencies
Communicate with missionaries
Get missions experience
Read about missions and missionaries
Learn about where you want to serve
Be a missionary now ABWE

Frequently Asked Questions
About the Career Missionary Program

Table of Contents
Must I know where (which country) I will serve before I apply?
Do I need a college degree to serve on the mission field?
Do I need a degree in Bible or theology to serve?
If I don't need a Bible degree, what type of courses should I take in order to prepare for missionary service?
How much will it cost me to attend Candidate Seminar?
How can I determine where my gifts and talents can be used on the mission field?
Am I required to be a member of a Baptist church in order to be a missionary with ABWE?

Must I know where (which country) I will serve before I apply? No. 60% of the people attending Candidate Seminar come without a clear understanding of where God wants them to serve. One major focus of the seminar is to work carefully with you and your local church in determining where your gifts, talents, and training can be used to the fullest.

Do I need a college degree to serve on the mission field? This varies depending on the type of ministry in which you will participate on the field. For example, a maintenance person does not need a degree, but a doctor or teacher certainly would.

Do I need a degree in Bible or theology to serve? No. But you must be able to articulate the truth's of God's Word effectively.

If I don't need a Bible degree, what type of courses should I take in order to prepare for missionary service.
Courses such as Old Testament and New Testament Survey, Theology or Bible Doctrines, Bible Study Methods, and Bible Interpretation would be very helpful in giving you a solid foundation in Biblical truths.

How much will it cost me to attend Candidate Seminar?
ABWE covers most all of the costs for you to attend Candidate Seminar. The only cost to you is travel to and from our Administration and Training Center.

How can I determine where my gifts and talents can be used on the mission field?

The personnel needs list can be a good source of information regarding personnel needs on our various fields. It will help you locate the areas where your talents and training could be used effectively. ABWE's regional administrators will also be able to advise you regarding opportunities available to you.

Am I required to be a member of a Baptist church in order to be a missionary with ABWE?

No. "Application and appointment procedures shall include membership in an independent Baptist church whose doctrinal position and practice is compatible with that of ABWE; ABWE defines a Baptist church as a church that holds to and practices the historic Baptist distinctives as stated in our doctrinal statement."

Do I Qualify for Career Missions?

Spiritual maturity, quality education, and ministry experience are all vital components of preparation for missionary service. ABWE sets specific qualifications for missionary candidates. We desire to help you meet those qualifications. If you believe God is directing you to pursue missionary service, we would like to work alongside you. Allow us to help you set long range goals and guide you through the completion of your education and gaining of ministry experience.

Missionary service demands a commitment to excellence. The qualifications for vocational missionary candidates are listed below.


A college education which includes Bible training is the minimum standard. Educational requirements are determined by the type of ministry.

Church Membership

Membership in an independent Baptist church whose doctrinal position and practice is compatible with that of ABWE. ABWE defines a Baptist church as a church that holds to and practices the historic Baptist distinctives as stated in our doctrinal statement. These distinctives must be reflected in the church's constitution or its doctrinal statement.

Principles & Practices/Doctrine

In order to create a harmonious team committed to the Baptist distinctives, it is necessary for all candidates to be in complete agreement with ABWE's doctrinal statement and Principles and Practices.


Candidates must evidence that they are truly born again and reflect the essential characteristics of Christian testimony as found in Acts 11:24. This passage describes the qualities of Barnabas, a church planter of wisdom and spiritual stature, sent to Antioch. He was a "good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith."

Ministry Experience

It is important for candidates to be involved in local church activities. Experience in personal evangelism, discipleship, and preaching/teaching God's Word is essential.


Every missionary candidate must complete the full application process.

Physical and Psychological Clearance

A thorough medical history and examination are required of each applicant for career service. Psychological testing, under the guidance of a licensed Christian professional is performed to insure a successful transition into cross-cultural ministry.

For more information about career missions with ABWE send email to the Missionary Mobilization Department at

This will seem incredibly too simplistic and the other answers will complete mine. But, resources for people who want to prepare to become missionaries ... I would recommend following the advice of that pagan, John Denver, "Blow up the tv, ... go to the country, build you a home..." I don't believe any children will 'find Jesus on their own', that's why we're here as proclaimers. But, the preparation is still an excellent one. Get those potential missionaries away from the tv and the computer and out into farm life.

In my limited experience with SIL new members, those with farm backgrounds generally have an easier time with adjusting to african culture (whether country or city) than those with city backgrounds. Since most ofus now come from cities and are not blessed with a farm background, maybe we can do a short- term farm internship?

Sorry, this resource does not come neatly packaged with an outline of easy steps.
Marian Hungerford SIL Cameroun

I heartily recommend that you look into the Pre Field Training offered by Mission Training International in Colorado Springs Urbana

Urbana is a missions conference. The conference is generally for college students, but there are all ages there. You will come up with a lot of resources there, with information on over 300 agencies.

Next Steps is a link off the home page. It discusses the Practical ways to take active steps in missions

Below are the links on the web site above:

Explore service opportunities, connect with mission agencies, search for schools all based on how YOU are being guided.

Ask Jack
Ask your hard questions about missions and guidance; read replies to the questions of others.

Step Out
Designed with the Urbana decision card to give you hundreds of specific steps to take as you learn about, get involved and actually DO missions.

My Journal
Keep a running record of steps you are taking as you connect with mission agencies, pray, meet people in the discussion area, and reflect on your journey.

Hundreds of other resources are here on to help you in your missions journey.

DELTA Ministries International

DELTA Ministries International runs a four-day training program for those preparing for Mid-Term Missionary Service, those serving for 3 mos. to 3 yrs. It is also an excellent introduction to serving as missionary. The goal of the training to introduce concepts and strategies for increased effectiveness and endurance of mid-termers in cross-cultural contexts. It is very in-depth and hands-on covering personal character, community life, transitions, cultural and language.

DELTA Ministries International
Central Area Director
PO Box 620850
Littleton, CO 80162-0850
(303) 868-1094

TRAINING: Database of Training Courses`

This has been undertaken with the WEA
Missions Commission, but we would very much like the cooperation of all training organizations. The idea is that a searchable database of all theological and missionary training courses would help prospective students and churches to find out all courses that were available and suitable for their requirements. All training institutions will be able to enter details of their courses. At present, 1500 training courses are searchable on a trial website (, but we would like all training courses to be listed. The search engines will be made available to other sites so that there will be many portals into this database. Eventually, with God's help, the site will function in all major languages. We believe that this database will be of help both to colleges in making known their courses, and to churches and prospective students.

These are a couple of my favorite resources to recommend related to missionary preparation:

“Hometown Ministry as Pre-Field Preparation.” by Joshua Massey EVANGELICAL MISSIONS QUARTERLY (April, 2002 Vol. 38, No. 2)

"Provenness: Taking a hard look at the disciplemaking leaders we choose to send." by Paul Kaak

Evangelical Missions Quarterly  
Evangelical Missions Information Service, PO Box 794, Wheaton, IL 60189  

"Where are We Headed?" by Greg Parsons
MISSION FRONTIERS (June 2001, p.42)

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