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I am Milton Allred, recently retired International Mission Board (IMB)/SBC strategy coordinator and missionary for the Mixtecos of Mexico. I encourage you to look at our web site for more information about materials available for work among this people group.

Their web site is:

The site is also in Spanish:

Gospel Recordings' site also lists materials available for the Mixtecos.

May God bless you in your efforts to reach all the peoples of the world. May our Lord bless you is my prayer.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,
Milton Allred


This might seem simplistic, but Wycliffe Bible Translators would have a good answer for you. They have teams working with those dialects in Mexico. should lead you to the Mexico Branch of Wycliffe.

Contact Wycliffe's Mexico Branch office in Tucson
Summer Institute of Linguistics
16131 N. Vernon Dr.
Tucson AZ 85739-9395
Call 1 (800) WYCLIFFE

-from: Paul Merrill, Caleb Project


His wife Teresa and he work with the Mixtecos. I brought some K'iche" Mayan to work with them for a week several years ago. They are neat people.
God bless,


You had asked about audio materials available in MIXTECO dialects spoken in Mexico. Gospel Recordings has these on audio cassette, available in master cassette or in copies, and available to missionaries and ministries, both short and long-term, needing materials for evangelism in these people groups. To find the appropriate MIXTECO dialect, contact Gospel Recordings order department via telephone, at (909) 719-1650, or . You can also surf the online language recordings catalog which is accessible on the Gospel Recordings website

Many ministries use the Jesus Film in Spanish, a trade language for many MIXTECO speakers, and then follow up with language cassettes in individual dialects, one for each family. Diagnostic kits are available from Gospel Recordings, with updated audio samples for ministry workers to use in identifying the correct dialect for each person. These dialect diagnostic kits are available not only for MIXTECO speakers, but for the other language families spoken in Mexico and Central America, such as ZAPOTECO, NAHUATL, CHINANTECO, TZELTAL and others.

Thanks for your inquiry and may God bless your ministry to the lost!

All for Jesus,

Rebecca Van Nydeggen
for the Mobilization Team

Hi. I'm a missionary in Baja California, Mexico, where many thousands of Mixtecs from numerous variants have migrated. I have acquired many outreach resources in some of the Mixtec languages, had the opportunity to be involved in the development of a few of them, serve as a distributor for some of those resources, and have contacts with those in SIL who can provide up-to-date information on what is available in particular variants. Though I'm now mostly focusing on Copala Triques, I'd still be open to dialoguing about Mixtec ministry.

In His service,

I just read your question in the recent email from Missions Catalysts. My name is Stanley Clark. I am in Argentina and work with a sending agency here. We have a woman serving near Tlapa and focusing on the Mixtecos. I welcome any networking we can do.


The Jesus video is available in Mixteco in these different Mixteco dialects.
Mixteco, Alacatlatzala
Mixteco, Central Juxtlahuaca
Mixteco, Diuxi-Tilantongo
Mixteco, Eastern
Mixteco, Metlatonoc
Mixteco, Monte Verde
Mixteco, Silacayoapan
Mixteco, Southern Puebla
You may order the video by calling this phone number 1-800-432-1997
to learn about all the different Mixteco dialects, please go to

or go to

and type mixteco in site search

If you have any questions or additions,



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