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Best Internet Filter, Parental Control and Filter Software

According to multiple web sites, it seems like the winner of the best internet filter, parental control and filter software product is Net Nanny. SafeEyes and Cyberpatrol also did very good.

According to this web site
Net Nanny is rated #1.
Safe Eyes is rated #2.
Cybersitter is rated #3.
Net Nanny has a PC version and a Mac version.

Consumer Search
This web site rates
Cyberpatrol #1
Safe Eyes #2
Net Nanny #3
Safe Eyes has a PC version and a Mac version.

Child Internet Safety Internet Filters Review
Net Nanny #1
Cyberpatrol #2
SafeEyes #3

Filter Guide
The editor rates Net Nanny, Safe Eyes and BSafeOnline and ContentProtect Security Appliance as the best products.

Internet Filters
information on different internet filters

Filtering Facts Filter Reviews
Internet Filter reviews from different magazines

Child Internet Safety
very good web site with good information good review site, seems impartial

The National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families
This web site gives detailed product information on about 23 internet filtering products.

My Cleanheart
This ministry has internet filtering software for $1.
Their product is reviewed on this web site

Enough is Enough
An organization dedicated to making the internet safer for Children and Families. This web site has a lot of useful information on it.

Tech Mission Safe Families
This organization has free internet filtering software. This web site has a lot of useful information on it.

Pure Life Ministries This is a counseling, speaking ministry and outreach ministry. It has books, cd, dvdís, workbooks and bible studies for sale on the subject of purity. It also has free resources. There are menís and womenís counselors with this ministry.

Covenant Eyes
This ministry has internet accountability software and filtering software.

Parental Guidance
This web site has info on some software products and has some good information.

A Parentís Guide to Internet Safety by the FBI

Safe Surf
Internet rating system and other information

Actual Security Online safety for children information

Filtering Facts Filtering Facts is dedicated promoting online safety technologies.
This is an excellent site with a lot of information.

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