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Fix-Tuned AM FM SW Radios

These fix-tuned radios have flooded the world in villages, prisons, refugee camps and rural homes. Solar powered fix tuned radios only receive one station a Gospel station so that those who could not afford a radio can hear the Good News. These are available to your ministry on a 50/50 basis where we match you dollar for dollar for every radio you provide for the foreign mission field.

Solar Fix-Tuned Radios Reach the unreached in a language they understand. Provide Gospel teaching to people who cannot afford a radio. Minister where there is no electricity or battery power. Reach refugee camps, cities, prisons, institutions and isolated language groups.

Water Resistant
Solar Powered
Three Step Volume Control
High Quality Sound

Over 200,000 fix-tuned radios now distributed around the world

Galcom International (Canada)
115 Nebo Rd
Hamilton, Ontario L8W 2E1
Telephone: (905)574-4626
Toll Free (in North America): 1-877-2GALCOM (242-5266)
Fax: (905)574-4633

Galcom International (US)
11621 Carrolwood Dr.
Tampa, Florida
USA 33618
Main Contact: Gary Nelson
Telephone: (813)933-8111
Fax: (813)933-8886

Galcom is presently working on a digital fix tuned radios 9/2001.

Portable Missionaries

A recent Assist News Service article (May 2, 2001) looks at the fascinating topic of portable missionaries. The focus of the article is Galcom International, a Canadian based missions group, which, since 1989 has invaded some of the remotest regions of the world by means of around 371,000 fix-tuned radios (AM, FM and short-wave). Galcom International Director, Allan T. McGuirl, refers to these radios as portable missionaries, because, as he says, they have no head, no arms or legs, but they can go into any country. They don't need a visa or a holiday; they speak the language immediately upon arrival and they work for 24 hours a day without a complaint." If you'd like text copy of the article let me know: Or you could get your own copy from the Assist News Service web site above. To find out more about Galcom, visit their web site:

HCJB World Radio

HCJB World Radio is working in conjunction with Christian radio stations across the U.S. to distribute solar-powered radios to needy people across Africa through a program called, "Turn the Radios On." The radios are pretuned to Christian radio stations. For more information call 1-800-360-4252.

Crank/Wind Up and Solar Power Radios

Freeplay Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the company that manufactures the radios. Freeplay radios can be operated by hand crank or solar power. The Freeplay Foundation is revolutionizing access to information and education for people by using a unique radio that is powered by sustainable wind-up and solar technology.

Freeplay Foundation
P O Box 36709
7442 South AfricaStreet Address:Unit 12
Montague Industrial Park Montague Drive
7441=A0 South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0)21 551 7791
Fax: +27 (0)21 551 0523

The Freeplay Radio is available in the USA from C Crane.

C C. Crane Company
1001 Main Street Fortuna, CA 95540 USA

CCrane is a very interesting company that has a few different types of radios and antennas. They try and choose the best quality products for the price. They send out a paper catalog for free.

Five students from the Robert Wagner Graduate School for Public Service at New York University spent three weeks in Mozambique in January, collecting data as to degree of usefulness of wind-up radios in a country where more than half the population is illiterate. About 7,300 donated radios were distributed to religious and community leaders in the months following the devastating winter floods of 2000.

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