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Teaching English as a Second Language Using the Bible

Below are books that Christians and missionaries may use to teach English using the Bible. Also below are the places where you may buy the books. Most of the books above may be bought at: has a good description of the books and sometimes has some reviews of the books on their web site. If you do not like ordering from, you may also order the same books from From my experience (Barnes and Noble) takes phone orders, whereas does not.

Below are some organizations which might sell some of the books above. If you can not find the book on their web site, try calling them up and ordering the book.

Ethnic Harvest has an excellent web site which refers to some of the books above.


Multi-Language Media
or go to the home page and look for ESL materials

Literacy and Evangelism International also has some books on teaching English using the Bible.

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ENGLISH-TEACHING MINISTRY USING BIBLE-BASED CURRICULUM -- Ministries around the world have used English in Action, published by The Navigators, to help beginners learn English while introducing them to God's Word. A new set of books has been released for intermediate students. Developed by Wally Cirafesi, head of the TESOL program at Moody Bible Institute, both sets of books use Bible stories to help students learn and practice English. Each set comes with a student workbook and a teacher's guide that allows someone with little or no teaching experience to have a powerful ministry teaching English. They also have a new training video to help teachers put the material into practice. To reach Dawson Media, a ministry of The Navigators, call toll-free (888) 547-9635 in the U.S. or (719) 594-2100 elsewhere, or fax them at (719) 594-2553. Visit their web site at (International orders must be placed by phone or fax).

NEW ENGLISH CURRICULUM -- Many of you have used the Bible-based English curriculum from International Network as part of your evangelism strategy. For several years Adventures in English And Exploring English have been available. International Network now has a third option: Discoveries in English is a 12-lesson curriculum using reading lessons from the New Testament. Teachers' books and student books are available. For a sample lesson of any of the three books send an e-mail to Don Donat

(at)efcm(dot)net [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .], or USA callers can call Don at 262-697-1180 for a sample lesson.


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