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Water Well Drilling Ministries and Water Filtering Equipment

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Some of the organizations listed below are not Christian organizations. I would recommend that you work with Christian organizations first.

If you are Christian and want to pay for a well for people in another country in Africa or India or another country, I recommend that you work with a good church or missionary organization so it can be a potential witnessing opportunity.

An example of a good missionary organization that provides wells for people is Gospel for Asia. They usually locate the wells near a church so they can witness to people coming to the well every day.

Gospel for Asia

Life Water International This group drills wells, supplies equipment and trains nationals.
Lifewater International is a non-profit organization of Christian water resource specialists based in the United States. We currently have over 150 volunteers currently serving, including well drillers, geologists, engineers, health care professionals, scientists and businessmen. Lifewater's volunteers train nationals in developing countries with technical skills to improve their drinking water supplies. We donate all the necessary equipment to the trained national crew and continue to provide technical and financial support until they are self-sufficient. The national crews are able to share the free spiritual gift of "Living Water" with the villagers as they help provide clean water to break the cycle of disease and poverty caused by unsafe drinking water. Founded in 1979, Lifewater has completed, or is now working on, water projects in thirty countries on five continents. Our volunteers and national crews have installed over 650 successful wells and water systems that are presently serving more than 200,000 people.

National drillers in Kenya, now trained to help themselves.
A child receives safe water for the first time in his life. Maybe this will break the cycle of disease and death which has preceded him.
These Kenyan girls will get sick less often due to the new water well their village received.
Lifewater's Strategy...
LIFEWATER helps people help themselves. There are many different ways to improve rural water supplies. We look for the best approach for each location. Our most successful strategy uses a small, portable well drilling machine. We construct a 4-inch (10 cm) diameter well on which we place a hand pump. Lifewater involves the local community through a Water Committee that participates in the selection and construction of the well. The Water Committee takes ownership of the well, establishes rules for its use and performs routine maintenance. The total cost of a well and hand pump ranges from US$450 to US$2,500 depending on the country and local conditions. A single well typically serves 200 to 500 people.

Hydromissions International
Steve and Jennifer Lorch

Hydromissions International is currently researching and developing low-tech, low-cost hand drilling systems, water pumps, water filtration, and desalination systems to assist you in your water ministry needs. Our products are designed and built to last, but should the need arise, we offer a full line of replacement parts. At Hydromissions International, we believe in supplying you with the best products available. Hydromissions International was launched with the goal of furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide by providing clean drinking water for the needy through low-tech and/or technologically appropriate products and services.
Hydromissions is a missionary "company." We send our consultants into the field with missions teams, but we also manufacture products to help you with your own water ministry. We research and develop technologies involving water drilling, water treatment, desalination, waste management, sanitation, hygiene and other water related issues. Our products are unique because they are designed to be reproduced or repaired in whatever country you serve. There are no complicated engines or costly parts to break down, and the local people can easily learn to use and maintain the equipment themselves. In addition, our products are designed to be extremely portable, allowing you to expand your water ministry into new areas that would be difficult to reach by other methods.
Hydromissions is a great way to share the love of Christ while meeting a desperate physical need. This practical aspect of water ministry is often the passport for bringing the gospel into countries otherwise closed to traditional missionary activity. Hydromissions is committed to helping missionaries and churches establish or enhance water ministries worldwide in ways that are both cost effective and appropriate for the areas in which those ministries operate. Our desire is to be a coordinated supplement (not a replacement) for the many fine water ministries currently utilizing higher technology where appropriate.

Hydromissions links page
Hydromissions excellent links page to other ministries involved in water well drilling and water filtration systems

Lifewater Canada
links to a lot of good sites regarding water links to secular and Christian organizations on the Lifewater Canada website


Christian Childrens Fund
One of CCF-Kenya's most innovative programs is a massive well drilling effort. Clean, safe water is essential to a child's health. Therefore, CCF-Kenya has designated water as an ongoing health and sanitation priority. The Kenyan water rig, called "Big Rig", has been used to decrease the cost of putting new water systems in areas of need, making water more affordable. CCF-Kenya is working with each community to make sure their water needs are addressed. Water management committees are formed, and committee members are trained on the operation and management of the well. This ensures that the community fully understands the operation and repair of their well. Since the initiation of the "Big Rig" well drilling program in Kenya, hundreds of deep wells have been established.

Living Water International
Meanwhile, water is the tool competing for souls in Ethiopia. Drought is affecting the lives of millions and water is desperately needed. President of Living Water International , Gary Evans says they just started a water-drilling program with the local church to help. "Living Water is a service organization that comes along side of missionaries to help provide a cup of water in Jesus name. We provide safe water systems at churches, schools, hospitals and orphanages." The goal is to lead people to Christ.

The Water Project
A Christian non profit organizaiton.
The Water Project is providing access to clean drinking water in developing nations by:
1. Matching you to one of our hard working, efficient, and proven NGO partners who are drilling fresh water wells and implementing water projects.
2. Sending 100% of public donations to fund these efforts, ensuring your money provides clean water.

Water Missions International
Water Missions International (WMI) is a nonprofit, Christian engineering organization serving the water and sanitation needs of people in developing countries and disaster areas. WMI uses low-maintenance, appropriate water technologies for drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater management, and storm water control. WMI's mission is to provide sustainable access to safe water and an opportunity to hear the "Living Water" message in developing countries and disaster areas.
WMI's vision is that no person should perish for want of safe drinking water or an opportunity to hear the "Living Water" message.

Living Water in Spanish
Spanish web site on water filtering products

Sanma is a Christian organization that is committed to bring hope to the defenseless child laborers and micro farmers, enhancing literacy, health, and agriculture among rural India. A comprehensive solution-Sanma's water well program offers practical solution to this situation. One part of the program builds deep-water-wells for villages and slums. The other part of the program is educating people ways to preserve water and keep water sources safe.

Agua :Yaku
agua:yaku is an Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM) project that teaches simple, inexpensive water well drilling techniques and other appropriate technologies that improve the health, welfare, and economic production of rural farm families and communities. As Christians, we also share our faith and the message of hope and salvation found in the gospel of Christ. The name of our organization is derived from the Spanish and Quechua words for "water." The project tends to work alongside these indigenous people the most. To find out more about agua:yaku and the details of the water well drilling project, click here.

WorldServe International
WorldServe International is constantly working to share the love of God with the people of Africa through the tangible method of providing clean drinking water.

Over 400 million people in Africa (nearly 50 percent of the total population) do not have access to adequate water and sanitation. You have the opportunity to partner with us in providing water solutions in areas of desperate need.
We have had active water drilling operations throughout East Africa for many years, and we are now working on expanding our efforts to many West African nations.
Just consider this... $10 will provide 10 people with clean water for 10 years! You have the power to make an incredible impact in the lives of entire families and communities. Please pray about helping us in our effort to share God's love through the gift of clean wate
Little Beaver Earth Drills & Augers<br> well drilling equipment sales

Aqua Sun International
water filtration and purification equipment

WaterLife International
water filtration and purification equipment

water filtration and purification equipment

Sawyer Biological Water Filter and Viral Water Purifier is available at:
Deeper Roots Publicaions
CHOICE #1 If you are only using treated water, tap or bottled, then you only need the Sawyer Biological Water FILTER to further filter your tap or bottled water. This filter removes 99.99999% of Bacteria and 99.9999% of Protozoa and Cysts. (DRP item 690-SP180)
CHOICE #2. If you will be drinking wilderness water (lakes, streams, or ponds) in addition to tap or bottled water, we recommend the Sawyer Viral Water PURIFIER . This filter/PURIFIER removes 99.99999% of Bacteria, 99.9999% of Protozoa and Cysts, and 99.997% of Viruses. (DRP item 691-SP190)

911 Water
many different water filter options

Edge Outreach
Mission, Vision and Values
We empower people to do acts of mercy that reflect the love of Christ. We work with individuals and organizations and offer help through a variety of water solutions, vision clinics and local humanitarian efforts. We value integrity, excellence, the community of faith, prayer, passion, partnership, imagination, celebration, devotion, learning and teaching.
PureWater PureLife trains individuals and organizations to provide safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Year-round training includes community water assessment, water purification, filtration, and hand pump repair.

Innovative Water Technologies
Innovative Water Technologies is dedicated to researching and developing new technologies related to water purification. We strive to make those innovative products available globally and at a reasonable cost as to do our part in providing real solutions for clean, safe drinking water.

Africa 6000
The non-profits name was derived on behalf of the 6,000 African children who die daily from waterborne disease because they have little or no water, and the water they do have to drink and bathe in is contaminated. Africa 6000 seeks to restore dignity to people's lives but, even more importantly, save the lives of millions of people by giving them clean, fresh water to drink.

HydrAid BioSand Water Filter
And, unsafe drinking water kills more people than AIDS and cancer, combined. International Aid's answer is the HydrAid BioSand water Filter. The filters are sponsored by Christians who often also want the hands-on experience of installation. International Aid's Kurt Reppart says, "What we've developed is a training center here on our site where we actually walk people through the actual installation of a filter so that they can use that as an avenue for their either short term missions trips or long term missionaries." After training, the link between spiritual and physical transformation becomes clear. It's a matter of demonstrating the love of Christ in a tangible, meaningful way. "When people actually put their hands on the filter and see how easy it is, and how simple it is to set up, they become really excited about the potential to get this into the hands of the people who need it most." Once they know how, the groups are able to show others how to install the filters, or do it themselves. Go to our Web site for details.

International Aid
Christian relief/mission organization, changing lives through the power of compassion.

Global Water
Rather than providing short-term supplies like food and bottled water that are used up, GLOBAL WATER focuses on permanent solutions to a region's water needs with two main programs-
1. drilling new wells to pump clean water; and
2. purifying and storage of existing sources of water.
A handout fills a stomach for a few hours. Global Water works to teach entire villages how to have clean, healthy water forever. GLOBAL WATER is an international non-profit, non-sectarian, non-governmental organization. By emphasizing volunteer help, GLOBAL WATER serves as a vehicle for caring individuals to get involved in the world-wide effort to provide clean drinking water for developing countries.

The Water Page
The Water Page is an independent initiative dedicated to the promotion of sustainable water resources management and use. A particular emphasis is placed on the development, utilisation and protection of water in Africa and other developing regions.

IF YOU NEED FILTERS/SUPPLIES, TEALBROOK IS THERE -- At 'TealBrook Supplies' Mike & Deb have been working with mission agencies and individual missionaries for ten years providing resources to make living and traveling internationally safer and easier. Specializing in safe drinking water by means of the PentaPure line of water purifiers, they also offer first aid kits from Adventure Medical Kits, water bottles by Platypus along with many other useful items.
Check out their online catalog at

Village Earth
APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY RESOURCE FOR MISSIONS -- Imagine having access to all the information needed to build a solar food dryer, start a fish farm, build a bamboo printing press, dig a well, harness biogass for energy, build a fuel efficient stove or do thousands of other projects. The AT Library gives you that access! Already in use in over 130 countries, the AT Library consists of 1050 of the most useful and relevant books on village-level do-it-yourself technologies--all on CD- ROM or Microfiche. In the space it takes to store a single book you can have an entire library. Subjects covered by the AT Library include: agriculture tools and techniques, health care, water supply systems, workshop tools and equipment, solar/wind/water/biogas power, small industry and management, forestry, disaster relief, transportation... classics like... Where There is no Doctor, the Foxfire series, and the entire Better Farming Series. The cost of the entire CD-ROM library with its 1050 books is $495 (less than 50 cents a book). For more information on the AT Library contact Village Earth at

Drop In the Bucket
Secular Organization
Drop in the Bucket is dedicated to combating this deadly water crisis, by installing water wells and sanitation systems at schools and villages throughout sub-Saharan Africa.
Providing clean water in Africa is our main objective with a primary focus on children. Therefore the majority of our water wells and sanitation projects are geared toward schools and orphanages.

Secular Organization
WaterAid works in 17 countries providing water, sanitation and hygiene education to some of the world's poorest people.

Living Earth
Secular Organization
LEI works internationally to empower communities to protect their health and environment through the sustainable use of water resources. Our primary focus is the development of water supply and sanitation projects; however, through experience, we know that in order to make these projects sustainable, we must take a holistic approach. This means that we must include income generation training, micro-lending programs, literacy classes, and other programs deemed necessary by the community to support long-term sustainability of the project.

Drill Your Own Water Well
And do it easier and cheaper than
you thought possible! See a video @

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