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Christian Counselors Advice to Those with PTSD and Trauma


A biblical response to PTSD
By Mark Grant
Mark Grant offers a biblical viewpoint of dealing individuals suffering from PTSD. He used Lori and her life story as an example.

American Combat Veterans Need You
By Evangeline Vergo

"PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can occur in response to a traumatic event. It is the most severe form of combat trauma. 48,000 Afghanistan and Iraq veterans have sought treatment for PTSD, according to USA TODAY." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

Christian PTSD Treatment
Renewal: Christian Treatment and Recovery

"Following a trauma, it's easy to lose faith and feel abandoned by God. Individuals with PTSD can become so preoccupied with events in the past that it can be hard to imagine a future. Sometimes recovery requires something more." Please look for the PTSD link.

Healing Mission Field PTSD
By Morgan Lee

"The work of Christian missionaries has never been easy. They're often sent to regions characterized by ethnic violence, civil unrest, and personal insecurity. The populations they serveā€¦ can suffer deep emotional, psychological, and spiritual pain from living in conflict." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

Lifespan Integration for Trauma and PTSD: A Christian Counselor's Advice
Bellevue Christian Counseling

"In Lifespan Integration Therapy: A Christian Counselor Connects the Dots, I described how Lifespan Integration differs from other therapy modalities. In this article, I describe how this healing therapy is effective for trauma and PTSD." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

Ministering to Combat Trauma/PTSD

"Combat Trauma and PTSD are not just psychological conditions they are spiritual as well. We believe that faith truly makes a difference in helping you and your family recover and heal from the wounds of war. We have resources to assist you as you take the steps of courage necessary to find the peace, the calm, the healing that God can bring." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Christianity Today

This page has links to Christianity Today articles related to PTSD.

PTSD Service Dogs
Pawsitivity Service Dogs

"Pawsitivity trains PTSD service dogs for both veterans and non-veteransā€¦ While further research needs to be done service dog intervention is increasingly being recommending by clinicians in addition to the current treatment plans for people living with this kind of anxiety and fear. A service dog may significantly help with some of the major symptoms and improve overall quality of life." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

Things to Remember About PTSD
By Jim Daly

"Colorado Springs is a military town. We have Army and Air Force bases here. NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, is located within our mountains. Every May, Focus employees stand on our ministry's balcony and wath the Thunderbirds perform at the Air Force Academny graduations. Huge cargo planes fly overhead and rattle our houses." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

Understanding Trauma and PTSD: A Christian Counselor's Perspective
Seattle Christian Counseling

This article provides a brief explanation of trauma and a Christian psychologist's perspective on assessing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

What Does God Say About PTSD?
By Lucy Moll

"People who've faced a significant trauma sometimes develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is the name given when a person struggles greatly after a very difficult situation. It has been described as a normal reaction to an abnormal situation." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

What Dles the Bible say about PTSD?
Got Questions?org

"The Bible does not say anything specifically about Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. However, we can glean much guidance from some indirect teachings in the Bible." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

Book / Course / Magazine

Post-Traumatic Distress (magazine)

It includes useful articles from psychologists and Christian counselors.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Clinging to the Dust (book)
By Jeremy Lelek

In this book, Jeremy Lelek elates the narrative of creation, fall, and redemption to the experiences of PTSD, reminding us that the gospel speaks to our experiences with danger as part of its redemptive message. He points to the wisdom of God in our suffering and reminds us of the saving grace offered by Jesus, guiding readers to the peace and contentment found in seeking God's glory.

PTSD & Combat Stress (course)

Please put PTSD in the search engine.

This course is created to understanding the world of the service member and the integrated systems found within military cultures. Sessions address primary diagnostic concerns, treatment options, and a biblical view of war and deadly force. This course is suitable for those who work with the military, deployment issues, and combat trauma.


PTSD: Healing for Bad Memories
This minibook focuses on describing PTSD. With wisdom and compassion gleaned from many years of counseling, Timothy S. Lane walks with you through this difficult struggle. As he unpacks God's message to you in the Bible, you will begin to realize that you are not alone in your struggle. Christ, who himself suffered intensely, is with you. You can trust him to guide you through the gradual process of healing.

PTSD Books

Please put PTSD in the search engine.


Christian Film Database
CFDb has seven (7) films about PTSD. These are: Stronger, No Greater Love, Christ Alone, Wounded Warriors, Fury to Freedom, Taking the Hill, and Shattered Silence. All these PTSD films have Christian message.
Some of these are not directly about PTSD.


Duke is inspired by a true story of a soldier. In this film, Marine Seargeant Terry Pulaski who have returned from Iraq with both PTSD and a disabling injury, struggles to be a good father and husband. He decided to leave his family when he could thought of himself as a burden to his family. Later, with his dog, Duke, Terry became homeless and Duke became ill.

Taking the Hill

This is an intensely honest and hope-filled documentary for those who have experienced combat firsthand and for those who honor them. Forty years after fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, Pastor Raul Ries experienced flashbacks for the first time. His struggle motivated him to find three of his closest comrades, men who had fought along side him in the Marine Corp. Ries discovered that his comrades were suffering from PTSD. Together, they embark on a journey of discovery.

The War Within: Finding Hope for Post-Traumatic Stress

In this moving and powerful 4-part series, Day of Discovery lets you join Phil and Mike in Vietnam with their guide, Tex Stiteler, president of Vietnam Battlefield Tours. Hear the men's stories and those of their wives. Experience Vietnam as it was in the past and as it is today. And discover, with Phil and Mike, how God fulfills his word.

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