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Aquaculture and Aquaponics to Help Provide Food for People

Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Aquaculture: An Introductory Text, 2nd Edition

By Robert R. Stickney

Providing a broad and readable overview of the subject, this updated second edition of Aquaculture: An Introductory Text covers issues associated with sustainable aquaculture development, culture systems, hatchery methods, nutrition and feeding of aquaculture species, reproductive strategies, harvesting, and many other topics. While its main focus is on the culture of fish, molluscs, and crustaceans for food, the book also covers other forms of aquaculture, such as the production of seaweeds, recreational fish and ornamental species, and live foods such as algae and other rotifers that are used to feed larval shrimp and marine fish. This book will be an essential resource for those aquaculture students and non-students. The scope is global and much of the information is based on first-hand experiences of the author.

Aquaculture and Hydroponic Training Center: Prayers Farm Nigeria (article)

Prayers Farm is the result of an amazing partnership between two men of God, Todd Futhey and Dominic Ukpe. Their current project is to develop Prayers Farm Nigeria on their river front property in Akwa Ibom State. They will provide a free training center to equip local people to raise high protein, all-natural fish and vegetables while taking advantage of extra-curricular time to share the gospel and disciple young believers. (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

Aquaculture Engineering, 2nd Edition

By Odd-Ivar Lekang

In this comprehensive book, author Odd-Ivar Lekang introduces the principles of aquaculture engineering and demonstrates how such technical knowledge can be applied to aquaculture systems.

Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants, 2nd Edition

By John S. Lucas and Paul C Southgate

This book covers all major aspects of the culture of fish, shellfish and algae in freshwater and marine environments. Subject areas covered include principles, water quality, environmental impacts of aquaculture, desert aquaculture, reproduction, life cycles and growth, genetics and stock improvement, nutrition and feed production, diseases, vaccination, post-harvest technology, economics and marketing, and future developments of aquaculture. This book is recommended for students and non-students who just want to learn about aquaculture.

Aquaculture: Introduction to Aquaculture for Small Farmers, 3rd Edition

By Kenn Christenson

This book explains the pros and cons of setting up an aquaculture farming system that will provide you with both fresh fish and vegetables. It also describes the various types of fish and the different kinds of plants that are suitable for this type of food production. You’ll also learn fun facts about aquaculture, the basics of fish farming, and much more.

Aquaculture Production Systems, 1st Edition

By James Tidwell

Aquaculture is an increasingly diverse industry with an ever-growing number of species cultured and production systems available to professionals. A basic understanding of production systems is vital to the successful practice of aquaculture. This book captures the huge diversity of production systems used in the production of shellfish and finfish in one concise volume that allows the reader to better understand how aquaculture depends upon and interacts with its environment. Divided into sections that each focus on a distinct family of systems, this book serves as an excellent text to those just being introduced to aquaculture, as well as being a valuable reference to well-established professionals seeking information on production methods.

Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together

By Sylvia Bernstein

This book is the definitive do-it-yourself home manual, focused on giving you all the tools you need to create your own aquaponic system and enjoy healthy, safe, fresh and delicious food all year round. The book explains the theory, benefits and potential of aquaponics and also the following: system location considerations and hardware components, the living elements (fish, plants, bacteria and worms), and how to start and maintain a healthy system.

Freshwater Aquaculture: A Handbook for Small Scale Fish Culture in North America

By William McLarney

Freshwater Aquaculture is the definitive guide to freshwater aquaculture. This book describes every aspect of aquaculture, from the underlying scientific concepts to step-by-step instructions for each type, size and phase of culture. Numerous species are discussed in detail, from catfish and trout to freshwater shrimp and clams. The emphasis throughout is on energy efficiency and ways to work profitably within natural ecosystems. This book also includes cooking methods for the different species, as well as a large appendix describing qualities such as habitat, ease of culture, and flavor of the thirty-five food fishes discussed. A thorough resource section provides valuable information on publications, supplies, advice and training.

Recirculating Aquaculture, 3rd Edition

By Michael B. Timmons and James M. Ebeling

This book is designed primarily for recirculating aquatic production systems. Much of the information provided in this text applies to open, semi-closed and closed systems in terms of tank design, hydraulics, fish management, water quality, etc. The goal of this book is to provide readers with practical application of aquacultural engineering and how to design, construct and manage an aquatic production system. It also provides the reader with essential information necessary to get started in aquaculture production and it emphasizes practical information rather than in-depth theoretical discussions.

Samaritans Purse International Relief

Samaritans Purse International Relief works with churches and communities to construct and supply ponds that yield high-protein fish or shrimp.

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