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Audio Playback Devices for Christian Recordings


Audio playback devices from GRN
Global Recordings Network

"GRN produces a range of specialized hand wind audio playback devices for use in areas where electricity and batteries are expensive or difficult to obtain." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

MegaVoice- The Media Oaks

"Megavoice breaks the silence for billions of people across the world who are unable to read the Bible by themselves by means of solar-powered digital audio players." (Read this article and watch the video in it, click on the link above.)

MegaVoice Envoy E Series
Scripture Engagement

"MegaVoice has launched their latest range of portable solar audio players, the Envoy E Series. They are designed for listening to audio Scriptures and can include additional audio materials for encouraging Scripture engagement." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

MegaVoice Overview
Equipping Disciples

"MegaVoice is an incredible handheld device used to play Scripture recordings, especially in pre-literate societies….This device has its own unique design for use in pre-technical, pre-literate societies." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

Megavoice Releases New, Radically Simple, Solar-Powered Digital Audio Player
Christian Newswire

"Megavoice has just unveiled the MegaStoryteller, the newest addition in it's growing line of solar-powered, digital audio players. The MegaStoryteller is designed to play audio messages up to 90 minutes in length. It uses one, easy-to-use navigation button." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

MP3 Saber for African Evangelists
Frontline Fellowship

"The hand wind digital audio player is the latest missionary tool using MP3 technology to communicate the Gospel to those who do not read." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

Omega Solar Audio Bible
Global Recordings Network

"The Omega Solar Audio Bible is the result of a unique collaboration between mission workers, technology specialists and entrepreneurs." (Read more about this article, click on the link above.)

Audio Playback Devices


The MegaVoice is an audio playback device that plays the Bible. This device comes in different models and most are solar-powered so that missionaries or anyone can bring it to places without electricity. To learn more about MegaVoice, please visit their website.

Omega Audio Bible

The Omega Audio Bible is a solar-powered device that comes with a hi-capacity battery that can be charge with a power cable. It is small but has a very loud speaker so you can use this in larger groups. It also has an earphone plug so you can use it alone. It is splash resistant and durable.

Online Stores

AFC Resources

Megavoice's solar audio devices are available at AFC Resources. You can listen to the Bible through these devices. You can bring them anywhere including places with little or no electricity. The Megavoice audio Bible devices are available in different languages.

Audio Bibles for the Blind

Megavoice audio players are available at Audio Bibles for the Blind. These are audio pocket Bible player created especially for the blind but anyone can use it. There are also Wildlife audio Bibles made by the same company that introduced Megavoice. The Megavoice audio devices are available in different languages and Bible versions.

Aurora Ministries

Aurora Ministries is selling accessible handheld players on their website. These products are great for the blind, visually impaired, and print handicapped.

Independent Living Aids, LLC

Independent Living Aids, LLC is the oldest privately held, mail-order company in the United States for individuals who are visually impaired or blind. They provide essentials aids with superb service. You can browse the products available on their online store. They also sell audio Bibles on their store.


LS&S is selling the MegaVoice Envoy S Audio Bible. This device is a solar digital player that is small, sturdy, and innovative. It has up to 800 hours of tamper-proof audio content which eliminates any chance of erasing or recording over this searchable Bible. Please put the word megavoice in the search engine.

Galcom International

Galcom International is the exclusive Canadian distributor for MegaVoice products and the exclusive provider of the Envoy Micro.

MegaVoice International

MegaVoice International is the maker of the MegaVoice audio Bible player. This organization provides non-readers with the good news of God's love on solar-powered audio Bibles. MegaVoice audio Scriptures are distributed by indigenous pastors, mission agencies, Bible societies, and translators working in some of the remotest places on earth.

MegaVoice Audio Bible (Facebook)

This is the official Facebook page of MegaVoice. MegaVoice is an audio Bible device manufactured by MegaVoice, a ministry support organization providing solar audio Bibles to deliver God's Word to non-readers all over the world. It has an expansive audio library of Scriptures and Scripture messages in thousands of languages for the Envoy and Story Teller audio players.

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