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Best Weekly Christian Church Programs for Children

I think that Awana and Kids 4 Truth are both good weekly Christian children's programs. I think Awana is a lot more popular than Kids 4 Truth. I have a high opinion of the AWANA program. It is a good program to use if you want your children to get saved and then discipled. It is good because it encourages children as young as 3 or 4 to start memorizing scripture. Memorizing scripture is one of the best things a child can do. God has used His Word so that many kids will accept Jesus Christ as their Savior at a young age. Kids get to learn and play with children their own age. There is a special club for each age group that includes games, Bible stories, rewards and prizes.


Awana is probably the most popular and best weekly children's church program in the USA in good Baptist churches. One of the reasons why children like Awana is they schedule a fun time during the program.

Kids 4 Truth

Kids 4 Truth is a very good children's program. It inspires and equips God's people to reach boys and girls worldwide through God-focused truth, taught creatively and memorable. It is very good for discipleship.

It does not have a fun time like Awana unless the church decides to have one.

These two programs below might be good. I have not been a part of a church that had these programs.

King's Kids Club

King's Kids Club is designed for fundamental Baptist churches who desire a dynamic outreach for boys and girls in first through sixth grades. The emphasis in the curriculum is placed upon Bible memory within the context of doctrine and character building.

Majesty Music - Patch the Pirate

Patch the Pirate is a program aimed at reaching boys and girls with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to instill in them godly character through story, song recordings, children's choir clubs, and a weekly radio program. Stories and songs are character-driven, biblically-based, and life-changing.

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