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Best Places for Christians for Financial Advice from Christian Organizations, Websites and Books

Please visit my Financial Ministry Resources website.

Crown Financial Ministries

Equipping people worldwide to learn, apply, and teach God's financial principles so they may know Christ more intimately, and be free to serve Him.

Crown Financial Ministries has many resources regarding financial principles for Christians.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey specializes in advising people on how to get out of debt. He has a lot of good resources regarding financial advice. I hear he is an elder in his church. He has a program on secular television and radio stations.

The ABC's of Financial Freedom

a book by

Barry L. Cameron

The book may also be bought at

Christian Financial Advice

James L. Paris

Christian Financial Counseling, Financial Resources from James L. Paris

Help for Christians With Money, Financial Issues, Investing and Debt Reduction

Your Money in Tough Times and

Family Money Management God's Way

a book by Mahlon L. Hetrick

may be found at

Eldorado Financial

This web site has some useful information and advice.

Eternal Perspective Ministries

Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn has written some books on finances including

"The Treasure Principle."

Five-Star Living on a Two-Star Budget: Living Big on Only a Little by Margaret Feinberg and Natalie Nichols Gillespie

This book may be bought at

Generous Giving

Our mission is to motivate followers of Jesus Christ toward greater biblical generosity. (Why should we give?)

Our vision is the hearts and minds of God’s people transformed for revolutionary generosity. Our message proclaims the joy of giving—not out of duty or guilt, but out of gratitude for salvation in Christ. We are guided by these key verses, and our teachings are summarized in Randy Alcorn’s book The Treasure Principle or the audio CD Generous Giving 101.

Generous Giving Links Please see the different

links on this web site. There is a lot of usefull information

on finances on this web site. Please see the links: Audio

Video, Books, Curricula, Links, Periodicals and others.

Living Rich for Less

is a book by Ellie Kay.

She has about six other books on finances.

Money, Purpose, Joy: The Proven Path to Uncommon Financial Success a book by Matt Bell

Money Saving Mom is an upbeat and encouraging blog dedicated to helping you find great deals, stretch your hard-earned dollars, and live on less than you make so you can save more and give more. I'm glad to have you here!

The New Economic Disorder, Revised and Updated a book by Larry Bates

It is available from

America is in the midst of a serious financial crisis-unemployment is up, homes are going into foreclosure, and every day it costs more and more just to get by. Economist Larry Bates understands the serious problems we face and in The New Economic Disorder he reveals the five powerful, dangerous, and unstoppable forces that are causing it. But with clarity and confidence, he turns to the Bible to help us to understand that there is a permanent, lasting solution to all our chronic economic ills.

Dan Celia is a financial counsellor with some financial resources for Christians. He also has a radio program on finances.

Ronald Blue & Co.

Ronald Blue has some good books on financial advice for Christians.

Sound Mind Investing

Sound Mind Investing is an online and printed newsletter for Christian families regarding investment advice..

Larry Burkett of Crown Financial Ministries used to recommend Sound Mind Investing over a period of years.

The Storehouse Principle: A Revolutionary God Idea for Creating Extraordinary Financial Stability by Al Jandl, Van Crouch

This book may be bought at


Resources for Solving & Preventing IRS Problems

Dan Pilla is an advocate of taxpayers' rights, IRS abuse prevention and cure and problems resolution.


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