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Books / Curriculum

Handbook for Teaching Bible-Based ESL (ESL Bible Study Series), 2nd Edition

By J. Wesley Eby


The "Handbook for Teaching Bible-Based ESL" provides a step-by-step guide for starting and ESL ministry at your church. New and experienced teachers alike will benefit from the many practical suggestions on second language teaching. You'll learn to: choose the best method for teaching your ESL class; asses which materials you'll need to start your ESL class; work through cultural differences; evaluate your students and your teaching, and; share your faith with the members of your class.


Christian English Language Educators Association (CELEA)

CELEA is an international association for Christians that provide service to those who would like to learn English as their second language. They have free resources and publications on their website.

Christian TEFL

Christian TEFL supports the spread of the Gospel through teaching English. They are offering accredited online TEFL courses; check out the courses on their website. They also have a book shop where they sell TEFL materials.

Cooperative ESL Ministries

Cooperative ESL Ministries is based in Calgary, Canada. They provide ESL services and resources for ESL students and teachers. Services they offer include Intercultural Communication Workshops, Networking Breakfast, Spring Training event and their annual Reaching Out with English program.

Dana's ESL Page

Dana's ESL Page is open to everyone: teachers, students, and ministries. This website has Bible-based ESL curriculum, Bibles, and Bible studies for ESL/EFL students, resources to get you started, resources for Christian teachers, and training schedules for teachers. You can also connect with other ESL/EFL Christian teachers at Dana's ESL Page.

Empowering Ambassadors for Christ - English for Adults & Children

Empowering Ambassadors for Christ empowers and equips church leaders, educators, and missionaries in the use of English as an evangelistic tool to communicate the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. To accomplish that, they provide training and resources to teach English in schools and outreach ministries using Bible-based curriculum and strategies. Visit their website for their resources.

Ethnic Harvest (Resources for Multicultural Ministry)

Are you looking for Bible-based ESL materials? Ethnic Harvest has excellent books that will help you teach the basics of English and also the basics of faith. Browse through the titles of the books and see which one you'd like to buy to improve your knowledge and skill on the subject matter.

Graceland Ministries

Graceland Ministries offers ESL curriculum for a cost. They create their own ESL curriculum based on Christian materials. Their curriculum is Bible-based and their materials are God-honoring texts. Their materials are currently being used in China, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Canada, and the USA.

Literacy & Evangelism International

Literacy & Evangelism International equips the Church to share the message of Jesus Christ through the gift of reading. They develop Bible-content basic literacy materials and Bible-content ESL materials. In addition to developing materials, Literacy & Evangelism International provides training in teaching, as well as developing literacy or English Language Ministry.

Multi-Language Media

You can find many ESL materials on Multi-Language

Media. Put "ESL" on the search engine and the list of ESL

materials will appear.

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