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Booths, Fairs and Festival Evangelism Ministries

Amazing Grace Mission

Amazing Grace Mission set up booths at fairs, festivals, farm shows, and flea markets. They engage people in conversation and establish their spiritual condition by showing from the Word of God how they can be saved. They also offer free Bible Studies for all ages.

Christian Collegian Network

Christian Collegian Network is a Christian on-campus college ministry focused on evangelizing the lost and the discipleship of the found. Located on various college campuses, CCN incorporates on-campus Bible study, praise worship, apologetics, booth evangelism, and on/off campus outreaches.

Good Messengers Ministries

Good Messengers Ministries offers Good Person Booth at fairs and festivals. The Good Person Booth is a way of sharing the gospel by setting up booth evangelism and giving out tracts and other Christian materials through it.

Grace Bible Church

Grace Bible Church runs an evangelism booth in places where there are lots of people passing by. They put a sign that asks the question "Are You A Good Person?" Then they invite people to take the Good Person test. They also have tracts and books available at the booths/tents.

Jesus Booth Ministries

The Jesus Booth Ministries ministers to the people by setting up booths with a sign on it that says "Information about Jesus." The booth includes a huge selection of tracts, Bibles, apologetic information and books.

MTA (Move To Assurance) Bible

MTA Bible sets up evangelism booths at festivals, fairs and parks. This provides a save and easy way for people to be introduced to sharing the gospel with strangers. When visitors come to the booth and ask about the gospel, booth volunteers will answer their questions.

Wayside Harvesters

Wayside Harvesters is a non-profit Christian organization. It encourages and trains Christians into evangelizing at festivals, feasts, common market settings, fairs, and other special events. They are also involved in handing out thousands of Bibles and over 1 million gospel tracts.

Winning and Warning - Public Event Soul Winners

Winning and Warning operates Booth Evangelism to share Jesus Christ to the lost. They also has tips and guidelines for those who would like to set up a booth evangelism on crowded places.

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