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Calvary Printing- Custom Printing for Churches and Missionaries at a Reduced Price

Calvary Publishing

Calvary Printing was added to the ministry in the fall of 2005 to provide high quality color tracts for churches and missionaries. Churches are asked to give a modest $20 USD for 1000 tracts for imprinting prices and pay for shipping, but there is no charge for the tracts. Missionaries can receive tracts absolutely free as the Lord provides. We also provide churches the opportunity to get custom high quality printing at greatly reduced prices.

Missionary Services
We have a real burden to be a help to missionaries. There are several things we offer missionaries that will be a blessing to their ministry. First of all, we will print full color tracts in their language as the Lord provides the expenses. These can be either versions of our own tracts or specially designed for the field they are being used in.
Secondly, we have a way for missionaries to get free prayer cards. These are full color on one side and single color on the other. Through our specialty printing services, it is also possible to get stationary, envelopes, and other special printing needs taken care of.

Specialty Printing
If you have specialty printing needs, we can help you fill them. We can print full color flyers, church brochures, bulletins, forms, stationery, envelopes, booklets, books, etc. Typically, we can supply these at greatly reduced prices compared to other sources. This is just a part of the ministries that we are able to help churches with.
It is our goal to make quality printing available to any church, no matter what size. People judge you by the way you present yourself to them. We will soon be offering a variety of standard church brochures that you can customize with your own pictures and information. If you are interested, give us a call. You will be astonished at how little you will have to invest.

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