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Cell phones start a church

There are 919 million cell phones in India. That's three times more cell phones than are in the United States. Bill Bray with Christian Aid Mission (says even those who are the hardest to reach with the Gospel in India can be reached by cell phone. "The most remote village, places where there's not even modern toilets or running water or sanitation--things we take for granted here, they already have cell phones, and cell phone technology is being used to plant churches." A 24-hour prayer hotline was started in northern India when Esther Dass began taking prayer requests through her cell phone. More people joined the ministry and now calls for prayer come from five Indian states. They even went to a village to hold a prayer conference, and a church started. "This is a prayer conference mostly for Hindus, teaching them how to pray and, of course, they lead them to the Lord Jesus. As a result of that, a little church has formed in that village." Pray for the salvation of those in India.

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