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Cell Phone Ministry or Mobile Phone Ministry - How to Start

6 Ways to Leverage Cell Phones in Your Ministry
This article tells you how you can use your cell phone productively to your ministries.

Mission Network News

Please put the words mobile, cell, or phone in the search engine.

Bible and Christian Apps for Cell or Mobile Phones

This site contains links to websites that offer Bible or Christian apps for mobile phones.

Bible and Religious Apps for Mobile/Web Devices
This page contains a short listing of some free and low-cost text and audio Bibles and other religious apps for mobile, audio players, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Cell Phone Ministry

Evelyn Wiseman was manning the prayer-request phone line for the United Methodist hour when she received a series of phone calls from a desperate young man. Wiseman comforted, encouraged and prayed for him, and eventually the man accepted Jesus as his Savior. This gave to birth to the Cell Phone Prayer Ministry. Read more about this article on the website link.

Cell Phone Ministry

Read and watch how Bill used his cell phone to preach the Gospel to a large group of people in India. A video of the Cell Phone Ministry is attached to the article.

Cellphones in Ministry

Please put the words mobile, cell, or phone in the search engine.


Cybermissions.Org is a website aimed at promoting Cybermissions, which is the intentional front-line use of computers and the Internet as tools in achieving the Great Commission. They have articles and online courses about different approaches to online theology and missiology, cyber-strategy, internet communications skills, effective evangelism. etc.

Local Church Phone Ministry Set-Up Guidelines (PDF)

This PDF material offers some guidelines for establishing a phone prayer ministry in your local church. It is a 2-paged PDF file you can download and/or print from the link provided.

Mobile Advance

Mobile Advance's mission and vision is connecting the unreached with the good news and church of Jesus Christ through the device that connects them with the world- the mobile phone.

Mobile Evangelism Wiki

This site is for those using or exploring mobile- or cellphone-based evangelism. You can find a lot of website links here for content related to cellphone ministry.

Mobile Ministry for Missionaries
This blog article shares ideas on how to use your cell phone to share God's Word or encourage someone with Bible verses.

Mobile Ministry Forum

The Mobile Ministry Forum is working with other ministry organizations to use mobile technology to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. You can find articles on their website, participate in the forum, or ask for consultation.

Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM)

MMM is online magazine asking questions, presenting approaches, and experimenting around stories related to the implications of faith and mobile technologies. MMM also conducts workshops and training sessions to share their knowledge and resources.

Mobile Ministry Training Course
The Mobile Ministry Training Course is a 4-week introduction to the uses of mobile technology platforms for Christian ministry. Visit the website for more information about this course.

Mobile Phone Ministry Web Links
This site contains links to websites that offers knowledge or resources about cell phone ministries.

Mobile Technologies and Your Ministry

This is a slide presentation about incorporating the mobile technology to your ministries at church. It also contains statistics that best explain why cell phones are great to use for ministries.

The New Harvest: Cell Phone Ministry

Here's an article about using cell phones as part of eMinistry.

Top 50 Sites for Content Related to Mobile Ministry
Here, on this page, are top 50 sites for content related to mobile ministry.

Using Your Cell or Mobile Phone for Evangelism and to Share God’s Word

This site has links to websites that contains articles or other resources about how to use cell phones for evangelism.

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