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Weekly Christian Children’s Programs and Clubs


Awana is probably the most popular and best weekly children's church program in the USA in good Baptist churches. One of the reasons why children like Awana is they schedule a fun time during the program.

Christian Childrens Clubs

This website has information on some different Christian Childrens Clubs.

Christian Service Brigade
Christian Service Brigade is a multi-year discipleship program designed to give boys everything they need to be a man of God. They will learn real world skills, as well as spiritual ones that they can apply throughout their entire life.

Kids 4 Truth

Kids 4 Truth is a very good children's program. It inspires and equips God's people to reach boys and girls worldwide through God-focused truth, taught creatively and memorable. It is very good for discipleship.
It does not have a fun time like Awana unless the church decides to have one.

Kids 4 Truth Clubs
By Regular Baptist Press

Kids 4 Truth Club is an amazing and affordable kids club that helps kids discover doctrine in age appropriate ways. The program is built upon twelve doctrinal themes. The curriculum is structure to become progressively complex as the child grows older and learns more, but each child learns about the same twelve themes in each level of learning. The curriculum includes several elements beyond memorization including theme-based stories that help apply the doctrine to everyday living.

King's Kids Club

King's Kids Club is designed for fundamental Baptist churches who desire a dynamic outreach for boys and girls in first through sixth grades. The emphasis in the curriculum is placed upon Bible memory within the context of doctrine and character building.

Lifeway Kids - Bible Skills, Drill, and Thrills,-Drills-&-Thrills
Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills offers a unique mix of activities that will help kids build strong Bible skills, strong life application, and a strong foundation for Bible drill. You can use this tool with any Bible translation.

Majesty Music - Patch the Pirate
Patch the Pirate is a program aimed at reaching boys and girls with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to instill in them godly character through story, song recordings, children's choir clubs, and a weekly radio program. Stories and songs are character-driven, biblically-based, and life-changing.

Pioneer Clubs

Exciting new experiences await children who attend Pioneer Clubs. Their biblical lessons for kids help them learn about God, the BIble, and themselves as they explore fun activities and make new friends. Pioneer Clubs programsa are Christ-centered and Bible-based.

Royal Ambassadors
Royal Ambassadors (RA) is a Christian boy scout organization run by the Woman's Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention. It serves boys in grades 1-6 through hands-on activities that encourage spiritual growth, games and sports, and mentoring relationships with RA leaders.

By Lifeway

TeamKID is designed for Kids in Discipleship. It features Bible memory games and application of Bible truths, engaging missions videos and activities, and fun activity-based learning all while helping your kids grow to be more like Jesus.

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