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Children's Ministry Evangelism Outreach Materials

CEF Press

CEF Press sells many books and materials about child evangelism. They also sell evangelistic tracts and booklets for kids.

CEF Dallas Training Programs

CEF Dallas offers a number of training programs in a variety areas to equip believers to more effectively minister to children. Check out their Super Seminars which they offer free of charge.

Chick Publications

Chick Publications is known for its cartoon gospel tracts. These tracts are great for equipping Christians for evangelism. The cartoon gospel tracts can be read by young and older people.

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is a Bible-centered, worldwide organization that distributes many resources on child evangelism. They also offer different ministries for children such as the Good News Club, the 5-Day Club, and the Truth Chasers Club, and they offer training programs to equip believers to minister effectively to children. CEF is operating in different states/countries. You can find the links to their websites below:

Child Evangelism Fellowship Britain

Child Evangelism Fellowship Canada

Child Evangelism Fellowship Europe

Child Evangelism Fellowship Greater Houston

Child Evangelism Fellowship Greater Raleigh Area

Child Evangelism Fellowship Indiana

Child Evangelism Fellowship Ireland

Child Evangelism Fellowship Lancaster

Child EVangelism Fellowship Long Beach

Child Evangelism Fellowship Maine

Child Evangelism Fellowship North Carolina Durham Area Chapter

On this page are links for children/youth workers, urban ministry resources, and application/forms necessary for working with CEF Ministries of North Carolina.

Child Evangelism Fellowship Sioux Falls

Child Evangelism Fellowship South Africa

Child Evangelism Fellowship Southern California

Child Evangelism Fellowship Texas

Child Evangelism Ministries

CEM serves Christ by teaching His Word to children. They have different ministries for the children and they offer different resources for adults who would like to teach God's Word to children.

Child Evangelism Products - Let The Little Children Come

The child evangelism tools found on this website are more than just simple children's tracts. Each product is designed to capture and hold the attention of children, while not distracting them from the core message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Tracts for Children or Teens- Moments With The Book

On this page is a list of MWTB's gospel tracts suitable for children and teens. Tracts are in English language but there are some in Spanish.

Children's Ministries - Berean Bible Ministries

You can find links to other websites that offer resources or materials for teaching children about Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Children's Tracts - Gospel Tract Society

Gospel tracts for children are available at Gospel Tract Society. The tracts are colorful and attractive for kids.

Downloadable Resources - CEF North Carolina Durham Area Chapter

Fellowship Tract League

The Fellowship Tract League prints Gospel tracts and ship them into more than 200 countries. Their tracts are given away free of charge. They have tracts for children, teens and adults.

Have You Heard of the Four Fantastic Facts, by Bill Bright, Set of 25 Tracts

God's plan of salvation is clearly communicated for the youngest reader in this adaptation of the Four Spiritual Laws. Bible verses are paraphrased so young ones can understand the words of Scripture. Presented in comic strip fashion, with supporting graphics, this 24-page booklet, engages children in the message of salvation.

Hope For Kids - Evangelism Explosion International

Hope For Kids is EEI's discipleship training ministry for the children. The ministry helps children understand the Gospel, trains them to become witnesses for Jesus Christ, and helps them bring others to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Let The Little Children Come

This Wordless Animated Tract from Let The Little Children Come is an incredible kids gospel animation. It is based on the popular Wordless Book.

This PDF version of the Wordless Animated Tract tells the evangelist or Bible teacher how to use the Wordless Animated Tract.

Penn View Visuals

Penn View Visuals publishes materials for child evangelism.

The Story of the Wordless Book

The Story of the Wordless Book is one evangelism tool that can be used to share salvation and Jesus Christ to children. You can find the explanation for each color on this site.

Tracts - CEF Long Beach

Check out CEF Long Beach's tracts for kids. They have 4 colorful tracts and they also sell the Wordless Bracelet.

Wordless Book/Wordless Bracelet

You can get the Wordless Book and Wordless Bracelet on this site. The Wordless Bracelet contains beads of different colors. Each color represent an important Bible truth about salvation.


How To Do "Child Evangelism" Effectively

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact

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