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Best Buy Emergency Radios
This page has a list of emergency radios that Best Buy offers.

C.Crane - CC Solar Observer AM/FM/Weather Windup Emergency Radio
This solar radio is simple, affordable and compact. It has enhanced reception and audio performance. It can be powered in four ways (wind-up, AC power, solar panel, AA battery) and can be charged using many different USB type devices such as cell phones. It has a stereo headphone jack, accurate analog tuning with digital signal processing, lighted dial for nighttime, and built-in LED flashlight.

Crank Radio Reviews
If you are not sure of what crank or emergency radio to buy, check out the reviews and rating at 10 Top Ten Reviews website.

Eton Corp

Freeplay Energy Emergency Radio
Freeplay Energy specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing clean energy products for people living either temporarily or permanently off-grip. The create products that are affordable and reliable. Check out their emergency radios on their online store.

Galcom - Go-Tell Fixed-Tuned Radios
Galcoms Go-Tell solar, fixed-tuned radios are an upgrade of their Go-Ye solar radio. This new product is sleeker in design. It has improved radio reception and multi-band. It has multi-station option for ministries with access to multiple Christian broadcasts.

Kaito Electronics

Midland Radio Corporation - ER102 Emergency Crank Weather Alert Radio
With four power options (alkaline batteries, AC adapter, crank, rechargeable batteries), the Midland radio keeps you up-to-date on news and weather alerts even when there is no electricity. It has an alert that automatically override switches from AM/FM to warn you of hazardous conditions. It has 3 types of alert: display, voice or visual. The visual alert is perfect for the hearing impaired. It also has a flashlight, alarm clock, thermometer with freeze alert, and it comes with a USB connector that lets you charge your cell phone in an emergency.

Oregon Scientific Store

Sangean Electronics

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