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03.25.11 - "Investing" - Evangelist David Wood

Dramatized Crucifixion 2014- Belle Meadows- Ev. David Wood

The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion: A Dramatized Presentation At Belle Meadows

Highlights of the dramatized Crucifixion

Witness Project Video

David Wood Ministries Thank You Video

SSDI_S01.1_What is a Church?

SSDI_S01.2_Church as a Printing Press

SSDI_S01.3_Soul Winning Director

SSDI_S01.4_The Law of Sunday School



SSDI_S02.3_Where do We Get our Teachers

SSDI_S02.4_How do you Plan for Growth

SSDI_S02.5_Structure Worksheets

SWDI_S01.1_What is a Church

SWDI_S01.2_Church as a Printing Press

SWDI_S01.3_Sunday School

SWDI_S01.4_Soul Winning Director Training


SWDI_S02.2_Two Important Questions

SWDI_S02.3_Definition of Soul Winning Part I

SWDI_S02.4_Definition of Soul Winning Part II

SWDI_S02.5_Steps of Soul Winning Division I

SWDI_S02.6_Steps of Soul Winning Division II

SWDI_S02.7_Steps of Soul Winning Division III

SWDI_S02.8_Steps of Soul Winning Division IV

SWDI_S03.1_Importance of an Eyewitness

SWDI_S03.2_Soul Winning Director and Club

SWDI_S03.3_Pastor's Role and Building Leaders

SWDI_S04.1_When to Visit?

SWDI_S04.2_Where to Visit/Who Does the Talking

SWDI_S04.3_Where do we get Prospects/Materials Needed

SWDI_S04.4_Visitation or Soul Winning

SWDI_S05.1_Selecting Trainees

SWDI_S05.2_Communication/Place of Prayer

SWDI_S06.1_Church Platform

SWDI_S06 2_Signup/Commitment Sunday

SWDI_S06.3_Assigning Trainer to Trainee

SWDI_S06.4_Graduate Recruiters/Discipleship

SWDI_S07.1_Time and on Time

SWDI_S07.2_Aids and Prepping the Room

SWDI_S07.3_Trainer/Trainee Relationship

SWDI_S07.4_Program Format

SWDI_S08.1_Spiritually Prepared

SWDI_S08.2_Soul Winning Calendar

SWDI_S08.3_Operation Go

Introduction- Fruit That Remains

Chapter 1- Fruit That Remains

Chapter 2- Fruit That Remains

Chapter 3- Fruit That Remains

Chapter 4- Fruit That Remains

Chapter 5- Fruit That Remains

Chapter 6- Fruit That Remains

Chapter 7- Fruit That Remains

Chapter 8- Fruit That Remains

Chapter 9- Fruit That Remains

Chapter 10-Fruit That Remains

Chapter 11- Fruit That Remains

Chapter 12-Fruit That Remains

David Wood Ministries Center for Church Growth

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