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Evangelism Training books, dvds, cds, pdfs and other tools

Christian Witnessing: Evangelism Training, Tools & Ideas

This website contains lots of free training tools and articles about evangelism.

D2S (Dare 2 Share)

D2S mobilizes teenagers to reach their generation for Christ. Their website has many resources about evangelism: videos, free articles, devotions, and many more.

David Wood Ministries

David Wood Ministries specializes in evangelism or winning souls to Christ. DWM trains, equips and motivates churches and leaders with the tools to help win souls to Christ. Visit their website for their tools or resources on evangelism.
It has evangelism training materials in English and Spanish. It might have other languages not on the website as the ministry is outreaching in many countries.

Effective Evangelism Training
This website has a list of different methods of evangelism.

Evangelism Explosion International
Evangelism Explosion is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. It utilizes a variety of tools including, books, power points, tracts, cards, workbooks, cd’s, dvds, gospels, Bibles, New Testaments, handbooks, kits, kid’s materials, questionnaires, manuals and more. It has evangelism training materials in English, Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese and tracts in a few languages.

Evangelism Training at Intervarsity Ministry

You can download evangelism resources for free on this website.

Evangelism Training at CRU Press Green

On this page, you will find the training you need to communicate the gospel message clearly and effectively.

Evangelism books
This page has a list books on evangelism. Please put the word evangelism or soul winning in the search engine


EvanTell identifies, trains, and equips indigenous believers to reach their countries for Christ. They provide evangelism training, outreach materials, and new resources to help share the gospel.

FAITH Evangelism
Faith Evangelism is a discipleship program that creates a culture of evangelism in your church by equipping and mobilizing believers in evangelism, disciple-making, and ministry.

How To Share Your Faith

This website offers video curriculum or personal evangelism conferences and workshops to train believers how to lead others across the line of faith.

Living Waters, Way of the Master and School of Biblical Evangelism
Living Waters inspires and equip Christians into sharing the gospel simply, effectively, and biblically. Their website has lots of free tools about evangelism (tracts, books, videos).

Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World book

this a classic book on evangelism

PinPoint Evangelism

PinPoint Evangelism conducts seminars and workshops to train Christians on how to reach out toe the lost. On their website, you can find gospel tracts, witnessing videos and audios, sample seminar preaching, and other evangelism resources.

Witnessing Without Fear Book by Bill Bright

Russ Doughten Films

Russ Doughten Films produces award-winning evangelistic movies. Their movies are created to reach their viewers with a better understanding of the life and purpose of Jesus Christ, and to encourage them to repent of their sins, receive His forgiveness and His gift of eternal life. Russ Doughten sells a Share Your Faith Seminar at their Catalog link.

The Secret of Soul Winning book
Stephen and David Olford

SEEDS DVD Evangelism Curriculum Kit
SEEDS is a creative, interactive study that addresses the theology and the real-life challenges of evangelism. This kit is a 12-week training curriculum that helps any believer become more comfortable and confident to share Christ. It was produced by Evantell.

Share Jesus Without Fear
There is a Share Jesus Without Fear book, dvds, cds and free pdfs in Many Languages.
There is also an online video and online audio. This is a popular, interesting, and effective plan to share the gospel.

Share Jesus Without Fear Book in Many Languages
This page has a list of soul winning or evangelism books in other languages.
In order to see the free pdfs, please choose Price Low to High in the pull down menu at this location

Sharing Your Faith Books by C.S. Lovett

C.S. Lovett is the author of 8 witnessing books. These books equip you with the skills of bringing others to Christ.

Soul Winning book
by John Rice

Spiritual Interest Surveys
information on how to share the gospel using a survey

Sword of the Lord

The Sword of the Lord Publishers produces Christian materials (books, pamphlets, CDs, MP3‘s, newspapers). The emphasis of their products is on revival and soul winning. Please put the words evangelism, soulwinning, or soul winning in the search engine.

The Golden Path To Successful Personal Soul Winning
By John R. Rice
This book is written as a Scripture-filled guidebook for Christians who want to improve their skills at soul winning. Dr. Rice writes in a very easy-to-read and practical manner, using numerous illustrations from his own life and ministry.

The Soul Winner
Charles Spurgeon

The Way of the Master: Basic Training Course (DVD Curriculum)
By Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort
This curriculum is an eight-session course that teaches proven and powerfully effective way to make the gospel make sense to those you care about. It is ideal for groups of all sizes and has weekly homework assignments that will coax you out of your comfort zone to being sharing your faith confidently and biblically.

The Way of the Master Basic Training Course: Quick Reference Card
By Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort
This handy, pocket-sized laminated card is designed for use with The Way of the Master Basic Training course. It has mnemonics to help you remember what to say when witnessing.

The Way of the Master Basic Training Course: Study Guide
By Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort
This study guide is designed for use with The Way of the Master Basic Training course. This is a comprehensive study guide that includes discussion questions, in-class activities, and weekly homework assignments to gradually coax you, step-by-step, out of your comfort zone to reach your loved ones for Christ.

Washington DC Evangelists
Washington DC Evangelists are Christians that proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, to every person of every color, and every language, to all people, from all of the ends of the earth, in the Washington DC Metro Area. Please see the Training link on the website.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact

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