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EvangeCube - Share the Gospel with Seven Sided Cube with Pictures

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A ministry called EvangeCube is giving Christians access to an unusual tool with which to share their faith more effectively. The ministry teaches believers to use a folding seven sided cube with pictures to help share the gospel message. Says EvangeCube's Nathan Sheets, "We focus on questions such as, What is the gospel? What is evangelism? What is prayer and evangelism? Then we go through the logistics of how to work through the EvangeCube. The most important part about training seminar is actually the third hour which is taking Christians out and doing evangelism." Sheets believes these seminars will have international implications. "In the next 10 years we pray that God will use us to go into 100 countries and each country go into 1,000 churches to train 100 Christians in personal one-on-one evangelism," he says.

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How to Use the Evangecube Gospel Script

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EvangeCube: The Puzzle with Answers

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Evangecube - the Most Important Story of All Time

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Evangecube - Ronnie Owens

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