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Free Christian Online Bible College (KJV)

I wanted to inform you that we have a free online Bible College at
Everything is online and free- textbooks, workbooks, testing, study materials, etc.

We believe that everyone should have access to a good, non-denominational, affordable, education in the Word of God. We strive to supply this; and, since it is a ministry, we supply it totally free.

On behalf of the staff I would like to welcome you to Salt Lake Bible College. SLBC is a free college conveniently located on the web.

The purpose of this free college is to provide training in the Word of God to all who want to learn, no matter what denominational background they may have and no matter what their financial situation. We believe that everyone needs to know the basics of the Bible.
Many in foreign countries, and even many here in the United States, simply cannot afford to go to a Bible college. Nor could they afford to buy the textbooks. And those in many foreign countries don't have access to the books necessary for home-study even if they could afford them.

This online college is here to fill these various needs.
Doc Van
Dr. T.E. VanBuskirk
Administrative Vice President
Salt Lake Baptist College 801-964-0763

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact .


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