Flannelgraph Ministry Resources

Flannelgraph Ministry Resources

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Creative Arts Ministry Resources

Beginners Bible: Do-It-Yourself Indoor Flannelgraph
Gospel Folio Press sells do-it-yourself indoor flannelgraph covers and accessories at a very low price. The indoor flannelgraph includes home accessory pieces, pictures and figures based on the Beginners Bible Illustrations, and many more.

Berean Baptist Church Ministry Resources
Berean Baptist Church uses flannel graph to present the Gospel to both young and old. They use the large Betty Lukens flannel graph series, in particular.

Betty Lukens Official Site
Betty Lukens has been manufacturing flannel graphs and other felt visuals for many years. They’re best known for their Through the Bible Felt Sets. You may order felt sets or flannel graphs at Betty Lukens. Visit their website to make your order.

Bible Felt Sets
Schoolhouse Source sells Bible Felt Sets or flannel graphs. They sell a large deluxe Bible set that contains 600 characters and objects. The set includes a teacher’s manual with 182 stories, 3 mounted backgrounds, 4 overlays and the InstaFinder File System.

Christian Flannel Graphs
Kremer Publications stocks Christian flannel graphs that are designed for use in kindergarten classrooms, preschool classrooms, and Sunday school classes. They accept online orders. Visit their website for more information on how to order.

E-Church Depot
E-Church Depot is an online store that sells ministry and Sunday school tools including felt or flannel graphs. They have different flannel graph story sets. Please view their product catalog on their website.

Flannelgraph and storytelling take the Gospel into Mozambique
Mission Network News released an article about flannel graph being used as a ministry tool to win children’s souls to Christ in Mozambique. Read the full story at MNN.

Flannel Graph Articles
JAARS, a non-profit organization that provides technical support services to advance Bible translation and literacy programs worldwide. JAARS is using flannel graphs as tools to share Jesus Christ to remote villages where the Gospel needs to be shared. They’ve written several articles on how they used flannel graphs as ministry tools and the success it brought. Read the articles on their website.

How to Make a Flannelgraph
Flannelgraphs are also known as felt boards. They are effective tools to tell stories and teach basic concepts to children. EHow has released an article on how to make a flannelgraph so you don’t need to buy one. Visit eHow for the instructions.

Storytelling brings hope and the Gospel to Mongolia
This news articles is about Vision Beyond Border’s Flannel Ministry at Mongolia.

The Felt Source
The Felt Source sells flannel boards. They have Bible flannel board stories and lesson sets. They accept online orders. Please visit their website for more information on how to order.

Through the Bible in Felt
ABC Jesus Loves Me published an article titled Through the Bible in Felt. It explains the purpose of using flannel graphs as a technique to teach Bible stories. It also contains how to instructions. Read the article at ABC Jesus Loves Me website.

Train Up Children
Train Up Children is an online store that sells teacher’s tools including flannel board and flannel graph sets. They accept online orders and provide free shipment of items purchased.

T-shirts and flannel spread Gospel
Read an article about the use of flannel graph to spread the Gospel at Mission Network News. You can also do a search on their home page by typing the title of the article.

Vision Beyond Borders
Vision Beyond Borders is using flannels to spread the Gospel in places where English is not the primary language. Flannel graphs is a powerful ministry tool especially in remote rural villages. Visit their website for more information on their Flannel Ministry.

Flannel graphs are wonderful tools to share the Gospel particularly to children. To learn how to make a flannel graph, visit the website above.

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