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Free Books and Bibles for Pastors and Missionaries and Christians Around the World

Christian Resources International exists to evangelize the world by distributing free Christian literature to spiritually-needy people.

This is accomplished through:

1. Challenging individuals, churches and organizations to donate Bibles, Christian literature, and other media for shipment to mission fields worldwide.

2. Operation a resource center that makes donated materials available free of charge to missionaries and national pastors for their use in overseas ministry.

3. Fulfilling individual requests for Christian literature from overseas as material and finances permit.

4. Inviting Christian people in the United States to join as partners in these efforts through their prayer and financial support.

If you would like to donate some books in the USA, please contact

Christian Resources International has set a goal to ship more Bibles and Christian literature to pastors around the world. CRI's Jason Woolford says more books are needed for these shipments, especially Bibles, concordances, and commentaries. "We're talking about sending out 10 sea containers at a minimum this year, and those are anywhere from 20-foot to 40-foot containers. So when you look at that, that's anywhere from about 30,000 books per container." You can help Christians overseas teach God's Word by sending CRI a Bible or a book, and a buck for shipping. Go to our Web site to learn more. "If someone sends a Bible and a dollar along with it, that ensures that not only will we have the Bible here, but we can get it into the hands of those pastors that are in need. And we have two containers that are going to India,: one to Congo and one to Liberia in the next couple of months."

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact

World Christian Missionary Resources - Helping you reach your world for Jesus