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Free and Not Free Online Places to Study the Bible, Bible Correspondence Courses, Online Bible Institutes, Colleges, and Seminaries

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Officers Christian Fellowship


Bible Gateway

Online Bible

some materials free and some are low price

Liberty Home Bible Institute

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary


Spurgeons Sermons and Archives

Source of Light Correspondence Courses

Mailbox Club Correspondence Courses

Emmaus Correspondence Courses

Emmaus Bible College

Wholesome Words

Salt Lake Bible College

Everything for Salt Lake Bible Collegeis online and free- textbooks, workbooks, testing, and study materials.

There is now a video Bible college.

Charity Baptist Bible Institute

independent Baptist

very good ministry

Learn the Bible

Thru the Bible

UB David I’ll be Jonathan

This place has free Bible studies correspondence programs. More than 470 lessons are available here online.

Olive Tree Bible Software

free commentaries, ebooks, free bible study tools

Bible Study Tools

Resources for Christian Teachers

I have a web site "Resources for Christian Teachers" with links to free lessons, crafts, coloring, puppets, puzzles and games, bulletin boards, and more.

Faith Bible Institute - a Baptist DVD Bible Institute at a Low Price

Northwestern University

Trinity Theology- Tuition Free Distance Bible School

Bethany Divinity College and Seminary

not free

Bakers Guide to Christian Distance Education

Our Daily Bread University

Conservative Theological University

Christian Resources International

Christian Resources International is a non-profit organization that provides free Christian literature to converts, missionaries and pastors in many countries. In addition, CRI ships Christian books, Bibles, Sunday School materials, tracts, and more to needy Christians throughout the world.

BBN Online Bible Institute

Please look for the Bible Institute link.

it has the links for the English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Mandarin, Korean, German and Russian online Bible Institutes.

BEE World

Biblical Education by Extension World

We provide seminary level Biblical training to pastors and church leadership that have no access to Biblical training. Most of these leaders live in restricted access countries. Our ministry vision is to provide access to Biblical training to anyone that desires to mature as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Learn the Bible /

Bible Truth /

Holy Land Sites Review /

Water World Resources /

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact

World Christian Missionary Resources - Helping you reach your world for Jesus