Free Christian Puppet Ministry Scripts

Free Christian Puppet Scripts

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Creative Arts Ministry Resources

Academy of Christian Puppet Scripts
Member of the Christian Puppet Scripts WebRing are those who want to promote ministry and outreach to children and youth. It is designed to provide teacher support as well as help find ways to bring ideas and resources together, thus creating a community of new friends who share this goal.

Apple Sauce Kids
Apple Sauce Kids have a variety of drama and puppet scripts. Their puppet resources are available for free.

Children's Scripts
You can find scripts for children and puppet ministry on the above website links. There are different themes like Christmas, Easter, New Year, Thanksgiving, and many more.

Cleaford Puppet Scripts
Cleaford Puppets not only creates good quality, hand-made, wide mouthed puppets, but they also produce Christian puppet scripts. Their latest publication is the Cleaford’s Bible Puppet Scripts. Their scripts can be use in all-age worship services and school assemblies.
Free puppet scripts or skits are offered at Most of their skits are based on the Christian faith. They also have Easter and Christmas skits.

Experience Puppets
Experience Puppets owner Timothy Brown provides puppet workshop and training for churches and individuals interested in puppetry. Puppetry courses are offered at an affordable price. Brown also offers several puppet skits and scripts at Experience Puppets website.

Fellowship of Christian Magicians: Puppets, Scripts and Theatres
Fellowship of Christian Magicians' puppet page contains links to free puppet scripts and other puppet resources on their website. Their scripts are free to use by anyone.

Fishers of Kids
Skits for puppet presentations are available at Fishers of Kids website. You can also meet their puppets: Clunky, SimonRePeter, Edword, Joshua or Hardly.

Free Christian Puppet Scripts
Free Christian Puppet Scripts point out some of the best free puppet scripts, and sources of free scripts, that are available for use by your ministry.

Free Christian Puppet Scripts Available Online 73
This article contains links to websites that offer free puppet scripts or skits. The scripts can be used at church or in any ministry.

Garden of Praise Bible Puppets and Skits
Get free materials for puppet ministry at Garden of Praise website. They have links to other websites that offer puppet resources such as scripts/skits, puppet costumes, etc.

Jason's Puppet Scripts Archive
Jason Justice's puppet skits (Christian theme) is available on his website. The skit scripts are all free and available for use in Children's ministry. offers a huge selection of puppets for ministry, schools, therapy and fun.
They also have free puppet skits such as The Widow’s Oil Melodrama, What is Easter All About, Tower of Babel, and many more.

Links to Puppet Resources
Resources for Christian Teachers provides free and low cost resources for school teachers, home school, and Christian children's ministry. Included are links to puppets, puppet patterns, paper bag puppets, sock puppets, hand puppets, and scripts on the puppet page.
Minsitry-to-Children offers puppet scripts for puppet ministry use. Use their search engine to look for puppet scripts. Type "Puppet" or "Puppet Scripts" on their search engine. Usually, the script is included in the teacher's lesson plan

Puppet Resources
Puppet Resources—the world’s biggest collection of FREE puppet scripts. Search or browse puppet scripts or share any that you’ve written at Puppet Resources. Most scripts have a Christian theme and are written in English, but there are many non-English and secular scripts too.

Puppet Scripts from CCES
Dr. Ann Shorb, a free-lance writer, teacher, counselor and speaker involved in various Christian ministries for more than forty years, has written a number of scripts/skits that can be used with puppets. The scripts are great for use in churches. They have scripts available for free and a book of fifteen scripts.

Puppet scripts links
Puppets for Ministry has a web page that contains links to other websites that offer puppet scripts.

Puppets for Jesus
Puppets for Jesus has a large selection of puppets and puppet resources. They have free puppet skits such as What Kind of Dirt Are You, God-Googles, Choosing our Friends, and many more. creates top quality puppets, puppet programs, puppet stages and puppet accessories. You can find puppet skits at “Find Songs & Skits” link. Their puppet skits are designed for faith-based content.

Ripples Puppet Ministry
Director Davies of Calvary Chapel The Brook is offering his puppet scripts for free of charge. You can download the scripts on the website link provided.

Scruffy Plume's Play Script and Song
Do you need puppet scripts? Get them free from Scruffy Plume's Play Script and Song website. They have puppet scripts with song lyrics and music score. You can download the scripts (pdf) and music (mp3) for free.

The Puppet Factory
The Puppet Factory offer a huge selection of puppets for schools, clubs, ministry, counseling, therapy and fun. Aside from their puppets, you can also get free puppet scripts, skits and plays for personal use. The materials are printed in pdf format.

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